Have you heard of cuticle tattoos?

Have you heard of cuticle tattoos?

You may splurge on gel nail polish and apply some cuticle oil, but to really transform that manicure of yours, why not try a cuticle tattoo?

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We have seen some crazy nail trends lately, like succulent nail art, fur, geode and wire nails. Now, the cuticle tattoo (which Rihanna and Zoe Kravitz both sport) is having its moment in the spotlight. Luckily, unlike some of those other trends, the cuticle tattoos are super cute!

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It sounds alarming but trust us, the reality isn’t. Despite the name, the tattoo doesn’t actually go on the cuticle (ouch!), rather, it goes just below it. In this position, the tattoo draws eyes straight to your mani.

Credit image: @the.mau.mau

If you like simple tattoos, you’ll be a fan of the trend. Cuticle tattoos tend to be little and delicate designs. However, this doesn’t mean your choices are limited. There are a multitude of different designs – just one quick search on Instagram or Pinterest and you’ll be filled to the brim with cuticle tattoo inspo!

Credit image: @dielinek

The best part is, there are also plenty of options you can try that don’t involve actually getting a tattoo. You can use henna, liquid eyeliner or even buy packs of temporary tattoos (yes, exactly like those ones you used to apply with water as a kid).

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Have you paired your manicure with cuticle tattoos? Or would you do it in the future?

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