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Working in the beauty industry is pretty fab – there’s always a new trend, style or shade to test out and there’s never a dull moment. Buuuut within this ever changing and constantly expanding industry, option anxiety is all too real. So when an app comes along that makes decision making easier, you’ll see us jumping for joy at bh HQ. And this is exactly what happened when we tried the new Sally Hansen ManiMatch app. Beauties, you’re going to love this one.

Have you ever been shopping for a nail polish colour, with a vague idea of what you might like, only to be completely stumped when faced with the enormous wall of options? Yeah, me too. This is supposed to be the fun part of beauty shopping but it can be pretty overwhelming. Enter, the Sally Hansen ManiMatch app. The app does the hard work for you by offering personalised shade recommendations. It works by scanning your hand to pick up on the pigment in your skin, then offers colour suggestions from over 100 Sally Hansen shades that will be most flattering to your individual skin tone… all in just a few seconds! Kristen D’Arcy, Sally Hansen Global Digital Vice President explains how the technology works, “It tracks the individual nuances of the user’s hands, analyses skin tone, finds the nail beds and photo-realistically simulates our nail polish shades, with shine. The finished manicure appears instantly on the user’s hand.” Pretty cool, huh?

If you’d rather pick out a shade yourself, the ManiMatch app can still help you out. Sometimes a colour looks great when you pick it from the shelf, but is not quite right when you actually paint it on #firstworldproblems. So, what if you could try the colour on before purchasing? Well, with the ManiMatch app, you can do just that. It has a barcode scanning function that allows you to select any Sally Hansen nail colour, scan the barcode and virtually try on the colour through the app. No buyer’s remorse here!

So, you can literally try on as many Sally Hansen nail colours as you like, live in store.

Here are some of the shades the app suggested for me when I tried it:

Dig Fig, Street Flair, Commander in Chic and Mudslide.

The darker shades such as Dig Fig and Commander in Chic are right up my alley but the more daring polishes like Mudslide and Street Flair aren’t shades I would normally consider – until now. I’m pretty pumped to try these out and I love that the hard work of choosing was done for me. Did I or did I not tell you that you were going to love this app?!

ManiMatch is now available to download for free on all iOS devices and Android

Have you tried the Sally Hansen ManiMatch app? What shades did the ManiMatch app recommend for you?

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