Crazy but true: Pregnant Snooki gives up tanning


I never thought I’d see the day, beauties, but Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has actually produced photographic evidence on Twitter of her tan-free body. Yes, the celebrity we all know – and secretly love – for her over-the-top make-up and ridiculously bronzed body is going sans tan, and it’s for a very good reason: her unborn baby.

The petite Jersey Shore star posted the above photo earlier this week with the following caption:

“Whoa look at this non tan. #pregnantproblem.”

She’s still got fairly dark skin, but going without the faux tan is a good thing for Snooki. Just like the Twitter snap of her sans make-up – in which she looked insanely fresh and young – The Snooksta looks a lot more natural and pretty when she’s not bronzed to the max.

Can’t remember how tanned Snooki usually looks? This picture below explains it all: this lady loves her bronzer and tanning lotion. And possibly the sun, too.

Apparently she hasn’t got her glow on at all since expecting the arrival of her first child with fiancé Jionni LaValle, and this got me thinking, beauties. What have other mums and mums-to-be given up for the health of their children?

As someone who’s yet to travel down the pregnancy path, I can’t share any personal stories, but I’m certain I’d give a lot more thought to my health if I was pregnant, including paying attention to what I eat, drink and how much I exercise.

I’ve also known females who’ve given up dying their hair and ditched their daily perfume use in an attempt to give birth to a super-healthy bub, but I’m sure there are many more sacrifices being made by women all over the world. And good on Snooki for being one of them, I say.

What do you think of Snooki giving up tanning while she’s pregnant? Did you/will you give up anything during pregnancy?

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