9 things you can achieve in just 3 days

9 things you can achieve in just 3 days

Three days isn’t very long, but you can achieve A LOT in 72 hours if you put your mind to it.

So the next time you’re feeling a little unaccomplished, tick off one of the tasks below. Ahhh, satisfaction.

#1 Binge watch a TV series

Sick of not knowing why everyone is so obsessed with Game of Thrones? Or want to finally find out how Ted met his kids’ mother? Catch up with a three-day marathon. Copious amounts of popcorn and cushions required.

#2 Complete a juice cleanse

Kick that sluggish, ‘can’t get out of bed’ feeling with a detox or juice cleanse. Three days is long enough to flush toxins out of your body, but short enough to stop you from going stir crazy.

#3 Whiten your teeth

Only three days to whiten and brighten your smile? It’s surprising, but true! But if you switch your regular toothpaste to Colgate Optic White Express White, that’s how little time it will take for your stains to budge. That’s because the enamel-safe paste contains twice the amount of hydrogen peroxide as regular Optic White to deeply and quickly whiten beyond surface stains. And if you keep using it, your smile will only get brighter, as the paste will prevent the stains from coming back.

#4 Write a song

If Taylor Swift can smash out a single in 30 minutes (that’s how long it took her to write “Out of The Woods”), you can surely get in the zone and write some lyrics in three days. Most songs just repeat the word ‘baby’, anyway…

#5 Re-read the seventh Harry Potter book

There were a lot of truth bombs dropped in that novel, and you always discover one you missed each time you read it.

#6 Go on a shopping spree

Treat yourself to the most epic three-day purchase party and feel oh-so-satisfied when all your amazing buys arrive. It’ll be like your own personal Christmas!

#7 Learn a Beyonce dance routine

The hardest part will be choosing which one. The easiest part will be any booty-shaking steps – we bet you’ve already got that down from years on the dancefloor.

#8 Travel to the moon

This one might have to be put on the backburner for a while, but it took approximately three days for NASA to travel and land on the moon. Our advice? Start clocking annual leave.

#9 Digest a steak

Craving a big juicy t-bone? While it takes 10 minutes to eat, it can take up to three days to pass through your intestine

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What’s the greatest thing you’ve ever achieved in just three days? Would you love to have a whiter smile?

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