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Colgate Optic White Express White


100 women aged between 22-44 who want whiter, brighter teeth. Triallers were instructed to brush their teeth using the Optic White Express White toothpaste twice a day, morning and night.

Star rating during this trial*: 


  • 84% of members noticed whiter teeth at the end of the trial
  • 71% of members felt Colgate Optic White Express White whitened faster then regular toothpaste
  • 64% of members think Colgate Optic White Express White is the best at home whitening toothpaste they have used
  • 75% of members would recommend the product to friends

    beautyheaven says:

    Colgate Optic White Express White is a whitening toothpaste formulated to whiten teeth in as little as three days, and improved results with ongoing use. The toothpaste contains twice the amount of the key whitening ingredient found in the original Optic White toothpaste, and is safe for everyday use.

    Most members noticed a slight difference in the colour of their teeth after the first three days of using the product. However, the majority agreed that they had to continue using the product every day for at least two weeks to really see noticeable results.

    The testers were pleased to find the toothpaste was effective at giving an entire mouth clean, and most enjoyed its minty taste compared to other whitening products they’d tried.

    You say:

    “This toothpaste left my smile looking brighter and my teeth looking at least a shade whiter after continued use. I will be purchasing it and using it in the future in place of my regular toothpaste. I think it is good value for money.” Beautynutter. 

    “I have used this product for twice a day for five days now and I wouldn’t say there is much of a whitening difference, but I definitely feel my teeth are cleaner than usual. I didn’t get any sensitivity issues and the taste of the mint isn’t strong, which is good. When using other whitening brands, I find the mint taste slightly burns my lips, but this product has really helped me out!” – Mariearooloo. 

    “My teeth felt shiny and seemed to glow after just a day, and with continued use for a fortnight, I can see that they look whiter and shiner. I have not used any other products to make them whiter while trialling this toothpaste and I will definitely continue to buy this product.” Discokef.
    “The toothpaste claims ‘whiter teeth in three days’, however this was not the case for me as I didn’t notice any results after this time. It took over a week for me to see slightly whiter teeth. My teeth aren’t dramatically whiter (although they also aren’t very yellow), but I noticed them to be a shade or two whiter, which was a good result.” – Vi.  

    “I noticed a brighter smile within two days, and my teeth were probably a couple of shades whiter by the end of a week, but they didn’t seem to get any whiter after that. I had pretty stained teeth so I’m happy to get a result.” –Ruby247. 

    *Rating refers to the 100 members included in this trial and is correct as of March 29 2015.

    **Based on a survey of 96 beautyheaven trial team members, aged between 22-44.

    Do you use whitening toothpaste? Would you like to try the Colgate Optic White Express White?

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    1. I am over 44yo and have just finished up a tube of this version of toothpaste. It’s great! It really does brighten my teeth without the bother of using my professional teeth whitening kit from my dentist whereby I have to squeeze the gel into a mouth guard and wait at least 30mins. I don’t really have the time so this toothpaste is a much quicker option without the cost & time.

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