Classic beauty looks that are always on point

Classic beauty looks that are always on point

Trends come and go, but there are some beauty looks that will always be classic. So if you want to be a timeless beauty, these are the tricks to master. After all, they’ll never go out of style.


Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot were rocking the cat-eye before Alexa Chung and Ariana Grande were even born. These days, the more defined the flick, the better.


Was this ever not a thing? The red lip is the definition of classic. From Marilyn Monroe to Rihanna, this hue is here to stay. So if you haven’t already found your perfect shade, hop to it.


Believe it or not, Kim Kardashian wasn’t the first person to want her lashes to touch the sky. Twiggy was so keen to reach new heights, she’d lengthen the tops AND the bottoms of her lashes. #committed.


Whether it’s dead straight, wavy or tied up in a ponytail, having shiny, sleek hair is something every woman strives to achieve.


There’s a reason why nude eyeshadow palettes are so popular – because you’ll actually use them! A subtle swipe of brown, bronze or gold can make the world of difference to an everyday make-up look.


Before blush existed, ladies the world over would pinch their cheeks to get a dainty flush of colour. We’re still chasing that healthy tint, but now, it’s more about finding the right shade of blush for your skin tone.


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The desire to be a bronzed beach babe goes way back (as in, before Home and Away graced our TV screens). But thankfully, now we’re smart enough to opt for the faux glow instead of dousing our skin in baby oil before baking in the sun.


Helloooooo, Cleopatra? The smoky eye is one of the most popular beauty looks ever, but it’s also one people struggle with. While a black theme is a fail-safe choice, you can do smoky eyes with purples, nudes or even greens – whatever suits you!


Giselle has had effortless waves for as long as we can remember. And as long as the beach exists, so will this hair style. Thanks to products like sea salt spray, it’s never been easier to achieve this look at home.


Sure, the shape of our nails and the colours we choose may change, but one thing’s for certain: chipped or messy polish will never be in. So if you still haven’t perfected the at-home mani, it’s definitely worth learning.


All skin – young, old, freckly, fair or dark – looks best when it’s radiant and glowing. Your skin is the canvas for every beauty trend that comes or goes, whether it’s classic or a little more ‘out there’, so look after that complexion!

Which classic beauty look do you love recreating? Have we missed any?

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  1. It’s fashion, fashion and looks change all the time but there are only so many looks we can go to so everything comes around again. Even clothes are getting revamped to a degree. It won’t be long before ‘bell-bottoms’ are all the go as I see some news reporters already wearing them.

    Would love to see all these glamorous looks combined for the one look!

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