Bondi Sands GLO – Matte, Shimmer, Gloss

Bondi Sands GLO – Matte, Shimmer, Gloss


Fifty females aged 18 – 24.The triallers were instructed to use the product once daily on their face and body, on un-tanned skin or self-tanned skin to enhance the colour. They were advised to use an application mitt to apply the product to the body, or to use a makeup brush or sponge when applying to the face.



of members found the process of using Bondi Sands GLO easy.


of members found the scent of Bondi Sands GLO pleasant.


of members found Bondi Sands GLO easily washed off with soap and warm water.


of members were satisfied with the results of Bondi Sands GLO.

beautyheaven says…

, Bondi Sands GLO – Matte, Shimmer, Gloss is a range of three instant fake tans in different finishes. Each product in the range provides an instant one day face and body bronzed glow that’s water resistant but easily washes off with soap and warm water. Most triallers found the products easy to apply and remove. The majority of triallers reported that they felt the product delivered an instant bronzed glow and didn’t transfer onto their clothing. Most triallers enjoyed the scent of the products and agreed that the product stayed on throughout the day. The majority of triallers reported that they enjoyed using the products in the range and would repurchase after the completion of the trial. *Based on a survey of 48 beautyheaven Trial Team members. The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Bondi Sands for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

You say:

est one day tan products I’ve tried yet!

‘t usually use tan that is for one use. I prefer to use tanning products that you apply and then wash off the excess within a few hours mainly because of the smell but also so you don’t have any unwanted tan lines. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised on first application that all three GLO products, Matte, Shimmer and Gloss did not have the usual smell that comes with most tans but a subtle sweet aroma. Using a mitt for application each product was quick and easy to apply and then any excess easily washed of with a damp washer. GLO Matte is great for every day tan if your like me and find yourself in a short sleeve tee for the day and need a bit of bronze this product does quite well just by itself. GLO Shimmer came as a surprise as the finished product literally left sparkles on you. Definitely one for those glitter lovers or to save for the beach. GLO Gloss was my favourite finish. Gloss brightened up my skin and works really well with Bondi Sands tanning foam. Overall they are three exceptional products which I look forward to using in the future.…read more reviews here


ur average pale, lazy gal, tanning is a big deal when I hit the town. I feel amazing when I tan, but more often than not, I cannot be bothered to get naked and rub my body with a sticky brown liquid and sit around for 4-5 hours. I slopped on the matte tan in a sleepy haze before popping to work, and then I used both the shimmer and gloss when I went out with some friends. I loved how the matte stayed in place. I completely forgot I was wearing it. It doesn’t smell as strongly as fake tan too, so no one made any comments. Once I entered a dimly lit room, my usually pale legs looked bronzed and delightful. My absolutely favourite thing about this product was how it stayed in place as I danced the night away. I’m usually a sweaty spaghetti so this is no small feat. Honestly this is a must-have for impromptu events!…read more reviews here

al glow

‘t tan very often but this new range of products by Bondi Sands really stood out to me. This product provides a temporary fake tan that doesn’t transfer to clothing despite the ease of washing it off when wanted, a great solution to people who just want a temporary one day tan. The range consists of the GLO Matte, GLO Gloss and GLO Shimmer with all products that can be used by itself or on top of existing tan. Each product has its own unique properties but what remained the same across the range was the ease to apply and wash off the product. My favourite of the products was the GLO Shimmer. It provided a natural glow when applied to the skin: I applied on areas where I wanted to highlight such as my collarbone and shoulders. Additionally, the GLO Gloss provided me a look of dewy skin when I mixed it in with my foundation.…read more reviews here

Winter GLO

so excited to be part of this Trial Team as I was definitely in need of a winter glow. The products came in Matte – I would recommend this one more as a day time tan it has a cool matte finish, Shimmer – I would recommend this for going out or special occasions as it has a nice shimmery finish, and Gloss – This one also has quite a shiny finish and is very versatile. All three products in the Glo range come up a nice colour on the skin and don’t feel sticky or tacky like other tanning products I have used in the past. They are also really easy to wash off from the skin. This makes the products great for daily use or special occasions.…read more reviews here

for events

atte product was probably my favourite out of the range as it gave me a nice natural tan. I only had to use a small amount of product to get a nice colour on my skin and there was no dramatic streaks visible after application (using a mitt). I think that this product definitely lived up to the one-day guarantee. It washed off easily in the shower with warm water and a body wash. In terms of application it was relatively quick to dry but I still waited about an hour before putting white clothing on (better be safe than sorry I always say), which was enough time to get my makeup and hair finished. This product also didn’t transfer onto my sheets, which I liked. The gloss product is a finishing coat, it is great to use on top of existing tan applications or on top of the matte product. It stays very well and doesn’t transfer easily, I used this one in combination with the matte product to achieve a slightly more dramatic, glam look for an event and I think it worked pretty well.…read more reviews here

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