Are you making these body moisturising mistakes?


We all want soft, silky-smooth skin from top to toe. So why don’t we approach moisturising our bodies (aka the key to said dream skin) the same way we do our faces?

To get glowing, healthy skin all over, avoid making these five common moisturising mistakes…

#1 Skipping body parts

Many people fall into the trap of only moisturising their legs, usually because the skin there dries out after hair removal. But just because you don’t de-fuzz other areas, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t moisturise them. Your arms, tummy, chest and back are also exposed to drying elements like the sun, hot water and wind, so they shouldn’t be neglected. Start slathering on that lotion, lady! 

#2 Pulling out the lotion only when skin is scaly  

Prevention is always best, so don’t wait until your skin is dry and cracked before breaking out the cream. You wouldn’t hold off on using sunscreen until you were sunburnt, so why should moisturising be any different? If you can’t seem to get in the habit of moisturising, try putting your bottle or tub of lotion in an obvious spot (like right outside the shower) –you’ll use it more frequently that way.

#3 Seeing moisturising as a chore

If you’re turned off by the time-consuming task of moisturising your entire body, you need to get your hands on a product that makes it easy.  Invest in the NIVEA In-Shower Rich Body Lotion to moisturise during your morning shower, or opt for Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser, a spray-and-go lotion that’s so lightweight, you won’t have to hobble around for 10 minutes before getting dressed.

#4 Drying yourself completely before applying

It’s actually better if your skin is a little damp when you moisturise – this helps to lock in all that hydration. So instead of rubbing your skin vigorously with a towel, simply pat it until it’s mostly dry, and then apply your moisturiser. Happy days.

#5 Only moisturising once a day

Long, hot showers dry out skin, so if you’re showering more than once a day, you should be moisturising more than once a day, too. There’s no need to go overboard, but moisturising once in the morning and once before bed will result in softer, smoother skin. I know it may sound excessive, but try it for a week and I bet you’ll feel (and see) the difference.

Need motivation to moisturise? Try these divine-smelling lotions:

1. The Goat Skincare Moisturising Lotion

2. JERGENS BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream

3. philosophy pure grace body lotion

4. MOR Modern Apothecary Essentials Body Butter in Neroli Clementine 

5. Dirty Works Coconut Caress Body Butter

Do you make any of the above moisturising mistakes? What’s your best moisturising tip?

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