The products you need to build a body care routine

The products you need to build a body care routine

As the skin care rule of thumb goes: your face ends at your nipples. But this year we are ramping up the TLC shown towards the rest of our body by paying a little more attention to the skin outside of our face. 

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And because our tiny serum bottles would send us broke if they had to spread across all our limbs, we don’t expect a routine as indulgent as the ones we reserve for our faces. We do, however, think it’s time our bodies were shown a little more consideration than a quick once over with a shower gel. 

2021 is the year to commit to your body care routine so that you glow from head-to-toe and here’s how… 

The Body Shop Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Until we can visit the famous Dead Sea ourselves, allow The Body Shop’s Dead Sea Salt Scrub to transport the mineral-rich exfoliant to you.

Remove dead skin cells and leave skin polished, primed and moisturised.

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Manicare SensiScrub 3-in-1 Wet Body Brush

For added in-shower assistance, this palm-sized body brush uses it’s finely tapered side to gently cleanse and exfoliate neck down, while the thicker nodules massage the body leaving skin soft and glowing. 


Jurlique Lemon Body Oil

For a quick hit of intense hydration, enlist the help of a nourishing, fast-absorbing body oil like Jurlique’s Lemon Body Oil.

Formulated with a combination of active ingredients such as vitamin E, plus nourishing natural botanicals like soothing calendula, clarifying lemon and rosemary, you’ll enjoy glowing, supple and refreshed skin. The perfect post-shower treat.

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Bodecare Jojoba Body Oil

Treat dry and scaly skin with Bodecare’s Jojoba Body Oil. The sensitive skin-friendly formulation leaves skin feeling soft and velvet-like without the greasy residue.

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Essano Adore Rosehip Oil Body Lotion

Rosehip oil is a favourite for our faces when we are in serious need of a hydrating glow. And now, the rest of our body can enjoy the same level of nourishment. Plus, it’ll only set you back $16.99.

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JERGENS Age Defying Multi-Vitamin Moisturiser

Formulated with all the good stuff, this vitamin A, C and E enriched lotion will reduce the signs of ageing and leave skin hydrated and moisturised. 

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Nair Charcoal Leg Mask Hair Removal + Beauty Treatment

Of course no body care routine would be complete without something to get those pins silky soft and super smooth. This nifty leg mask is perfect for using in between your regular hair removal sessions; it’s a triple threat treatment that nixes stubble, gently exfoliates and hydrates the skin in one hit. Our advice? Add it to your shower shelf stat.

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What are your favourite products for keeping your body hydrated and glowing? Main image credit: @rikkekrefting  

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  1. I used to buy lots of body moisturisers, butters etc, but now I prefer body oils because they absorb better. I also like to add aromatherapy essential oils into a carrier oil.

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