Beyoncé’s breathtaking nail collaboration


The bad news? Most of us simply can’t break it down like Beyoncé. The good news? Now even her most uncoordinated fans will be able to rock the singer’s nail look.

Yep, Queen Bey’s just announced her collaboration with American nail brand NCLA – and the designs are red-hot.

We already knew the megastar was big on beauty, revealing her haul in her latest video clip. So it makes sense for her to collaborate with manicurist Lisa Logan and nail brand NCLA on four insanely good nail wrap designs, all inspired by her music.

‘I Woke Up Like This’ is a plaid pattern mimicked on the shirt she rocks in the ***Flawless film clip, while ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ points to the neon signs in her Blow video.

Prefer something a little less look-at-me? ‘No Rest in the Kingdom’ is a subtler pattern reminiscent of a Tom Ford jumpsuit she wore to the MTV awards. To round things up, ‘I Come with a Side of Trouble’ is etched with the track listing and notable lyrics of Bey’s latest album.

All completely different but equally eye-catching, we have no doubt the star will be rocking them soon to promote the release. Sadly, Beyoncé’s site doesn’t currently ship to Australia but with the wraps selling for about $20 dollars a packet, I’d advise everyone to get their international friends on side. 

Too impatient to wait for the real thing? 1000 Hour Premium Nail Art Stickers and Elegant Touch Envy Wrap Bling – Kaleidoscope are almost as good (just ask our hand editor, bh’s Carli).

Would you wear these nail designs?

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