The Best Tan Removal Products For Erasing Bronze Build-Up Fast

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If you’re a seasoned self-tanner, you’ll know that starting with a smooth and clean skin base is key for streak-free results. So if you’re topping up your bronze on the regular, you’re going to need one of the best tan removal products by your side to remove residue.

It’s a total catch-22, we know. We all want our fake tan to last as long as possible, but in order to get the best out of a fresh coat, all traces of the previous tan should be removed.

Not only that, but mistakes happen so often. Even if you follow every fake tanning hack to the letter, there might some areas of tan you wish to remove ASAP. Seriously, don’t get us started on the trials and tribulations of tanning hands and feet.

So when regular skin scrubbing won’t cut it, these are the best tan removal products to call in for help.

Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser

bondi sands tan eraser

We say: With four Best in Beauty wins under its belt, this is one tan removal product that really does work. The mousse was only beaten recently for the award in 2021 by the newcomer gel version.

You say: “The self tan remover by Bondi Sands really does remove old tan! I like to use an exfoliator glove and really scrub the product into my dry skin. I leave it on for 10 minutes and then have a shower and use the glove to scrub it completely off! In 15 minutes i can get an old tan completely off and my skin is super soft because of all the exfoliating.” – AshleighWant

$19.95 at

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SugarBaby GLOW TO GO

sugar baby tan remover

We say: Not only will this lightweight mousse remove your previous tan, but it’s jam-packed full of hydrating ingredients to prime your skin too. Organic coconut oil, soothing aloe vera and moisture-locking glycerin are just some of the formula’s superstars.

$24 at

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Glow Dry Australia Glow Bomb Fake Tan Removing Bath Bomb

tan removing bath bomb

We say: Prefer to sit and soak while your tan disappears? This genius bath bomb draws upon the classic combo of lemon and bicarb to lift off leftover colour. It also utilises Australian pink clay to help clear congested skin and a combination of skin-loving oils to lock in hydration.

$18.99 at Priceline

St. Tropez Tan Remover Mousse

st tropez tan remover

We say: St. Tropez has a stellar reputation when it comes to DIY tanning products, and their remover mousse is no different. It contains detoxifying cotton extract and probiotics to purify skin without stripping away moisture. Based on reviews, it also may be the preferred fake tan remover for sensitive skin.

You say:  “I decided to give it a go as I am very unimpressed with Bondi Sands version. This mousse has a similar chemical smell and foamy texture which dries down to a sticky feel on the skin. It doesn’t burn as I found the Bondi Sands version to and it works well to remove my old tan with a little bit of scrubbing.” – Alixwithaniii

$25.49 at Chemist Warehouse

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pureTAN Pure Bronze Self Tan Eraser Foam

pure tan tan remover

We say: No time to waste? This speedy tan eraser is made to work in just five minutes. Apply to dry skin and let it do its thing before hopping in the shower to rinse and wipe away your tan.

$19.95 at

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Australian Glow Gentle Tan Removal Mousse

australian glow tan remover

We say: A common complaint with even the best tan removal products is the smell. But this is one mousse that claims to be scent-free. Sensitive noses, rejoice!

$24.99 at

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  1. I wear sandals in the summer and my feet have tan lines from the sun, when I am barefoot it looks like I have dirty feet, How can I get even looking colour on my feet. I know I will need to use sunscreen in the future but what can I do now?

  2. I recently tried some fake tan on my face (rewards room sample). I have a yellow tone to my skin and it just doesn’t look right. Maybe it would look better on my body but I don’t intend to try

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