6 Products To Know About If You’re A Sweaty Person

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Everybody sweats. For some people, a decent deodorant is all that’s needed to feel comfortable about it. But for those who have a tendency to perspire in places other than their pits, there are other products that can help in the confidence sector and put a stop to sweat.

After all, sweat glands can be found all over the body. Aside from our underarms, they tend to be located in higher numbers around the soles of our feet, palms of our hands, and the groin.

And we’ve certainly all had the annoying experience of a sweaty forehead messing up our makeup and hairstyle, too.

So if you’re a sweaty person looking for solutions, here are some products you should know about.

Neat Feat 3B Face Saver Gel

neat feet face saver

We say: Ever wished there was such a thing as a deodorant for your face? Well, this Face Saver gel might just be the answer. Developed by leading doctors in New Zealand, this powerful emollient helps to prevent excess moisture and perspiration on the face (the active ingredient is an Aluminium-Zirconium-Tetrachlorohydrex-Glycine complex). And it’s not the only Neat Feat sweat solution either; the brand also has a Foot Saver roll-on and Hand Saver lotion.

You say: “When I applied it at night, that was a game-changer! My face remained completely dry the following day, despite being active in the humid Sydney summer. I can still cleanse my face in the morning without affecting its performance. I only use this in summer on days that I’m going out in the heat – not every day. I’m currently on about my third tube.” – Misfortune8

$16.95 at neatfeet.com

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Dermal Therapy Chafing & Sweat Rash Prevention Cream

dermal therapy chafe cream

We say: Stop sweat rash and chafing before it becomes red and sore. This preventative cream offers sweat protection and provides lubrication for areas prone to perspiration and uncomfortable rubbing.

$12.49 at Chemist Warehouse

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Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller

revlon volcanic roller

We say: We first heard about the Revlon volcanic roller when it went viral on TikTok. And it turns out the shine-stopper isn’t just a gimmick. Those who are constantly battling a reflective forehead and sweaty face swear by it. Simply roll it over the skin and the volcanic stone soaks up any moisture. The best part? It’s washable and reusable.

You say: “The rollerball is made of a special natural stone that lifts away any oils and removes that shine on the skin that I get when my skin gets too oily looking. It can work just on plain skin, after moisturising or after make-up at any time of day. So this is a very versatile and useful tool that doesn’t add more product to the skin to mattify it – instead it gently removes the oil by soaking it into the rolly stone.” – Clearcrystalwater 

$12.99 at Chemist Warehouse

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Swisspers Oil-Control Blot-Off Oil Tissues

swisspers blotting papers

We say: Prefer carrying old-school blotting papers in your purse? With a 4.6 star rating from 50 reviews, this is the go-to pack for a lot of bh members.

You say: “These very affordable blotting oil sheets are always in my wallet! They are so easy to use and are very convenient when it comes to needing to get rid of shine on the face without wanting to touch up and adding coverage. I especially use these when i am clubbing and everyone is a fan!” – Mariamartino

$6.99 at Priceline

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NIVEA Men Stress Protect Roll-On Deodorant for Men

nivea stress sweat roll on

We say: Did you know stress sweat is different from regular sweat? It comes from the apocrine glands instead of the eccrine glands, which are richer in proteins and lipids. And when these fats and nutrients mix with the bacteria on the skin, it creates body odour. So if you’re finding a regular deodorant isn’t cutting it for you or a loved one, a stress-specific formula could be the fix.

You say: “I love this deodorant. It’s my go to. Yes, I’m a female but I’ve always found men’s deodorants more effective and often prefer the scent. This one smells good, doesn’t leave white cast or stain clothes, keeps you smelling fresh all day and lasts a long time as in how many uses you get per bottle.” – BohemianWanderlust

$2.99 at Chemist Warehouse

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Mitchum Clinical Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Powder Fresh

mitchum powder fresh deodorant

We say: If you’re after one of the best sweat stop products, over 60 reviews will tell you that Mitchum is a top deodorant choice. It leaves underarms dry with no sticky residue and the smell is subtle but fresh, just like baby powder.

You say: “This deodorant is perfect for anyone looking for a reasonably priced deodorant that actually lasts all day, even throughout a heat wave. I don’t need to stress about body odor or excessive sweating when I use this. It’s a simple, cheap item you can easily pick up at the supermarket but don’t underestimate how good it is. A staple in my home, I’ve even bought the male version for my partner.” – Beauty_by_hm

$10 at Woolworths

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What are some of the best sweat stop products you’ve tried?

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  1. I don’t sweat hardly at all but if I get hot I sweat on my cheeks and head! So I tend to get a lot of oils up there too. Funny, because I barely and rarely sweat anywhere else on my entire body. lol we’re all made differently!

  2. I was finding that I still had a sweaty odour about me until a friend recommended I try using a male deodorant and this works fine for me as I no longer worry about smelling sweaty.

  3. I’m testing out the Neat Feat at the moment as part of the Self-Care Summer Discovery Bag and have found that it is very effective, although I do need to reapply after a couple of hours. I’d like to give the Mitchum Anti-perspirant a try soon too.

  4. Would really like to try the Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller. Now days I try to look for deodorants that keep you from sweating for 47 hours, it is really good Nivea One.

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