Best fragrant hand creams

Best fragrant hand creams

Hand creams must always be nourishing and hydrating. But if they can smell great as well, then that’s an added bonus. Make sure to pick a scent that suits you (for example, if you like something floral, look for something with lavender or rose in it. Or if you like something zesty, look for a lemon-scented hand cream). The world is your oyster when it comes to finely fragranced hand creams.


essence hot water drinks – 24h hand protection balm

These hand creams are just genius – each one is softly scented like your favourite hot beverage. Good luck picking between Caramel Hot Chocolate, Gingerbread Chai Latte and Apple Cinnamon Punch,

Glasshouse Marseille Gardenia Hand and Body Crème

Transport yourself to a gorgeous French village without even moving a muscle. Notes of hyacinth, neroli and casaba melon are mixed with gardenia, carnation and tuberose to create a wonderful and comforting scent.

L’Occitane Lavender Harvest Hand Cream

Lavender essential oil ensures that this hand cream smells as wonderful as it works to nourish and hydrate hands. It also absorbs into skin pretty quickly.

Bomb Cosmetics Palm Springs Hand Cream

The floral fragrance of this hand cream is made up from notes of geranium flower and red poppy while its nourishing qualities are thanks to essential oils of geranium and rosemary.

Ecoya Hand Cream in Vanilla Bean

When a brand that specialises in candles creates a hand cream, you know your nose is in for a treat. The Vanilla Bean scent leaves your hands smelling great while the formula ensures your hands feel soft, too.

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