Beauty buys bound to make hair removal easier while you can’t get to the salon


Honestly, hair removal is pretty painful (in all senses of the word – it’s both a hassle and often an all-around uncomfortable experience), but hey, if you’re devoted to silky smooth, super soft limbs, it’s just a part of life.

But while you can’t call in the professionals (TBH we never thought we’d miss our waxing technicians but hey, quarantine is doing crazy things to us), it’s important to ensure your own personal hair removal stash is stocked with all the essentials.

So, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites, from nifty IPL devices to irritation-soothing oils, bound to make the process (and your skin) a whole lot smoother.

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Remington Trim & Shape Ultimate Body & Bikini Kit – WPG4031AU

This kit has your hair removal needs well and truly covered, with a precision bikini trimmer, a detail trimmer for hard to reach places, an exfoliating head to help prevent ingrown hairs and a hypoallergenic mini foil shaver.

Bump eRaiser

Bump eRaiser Cool Splash

Struggling with shaving rash? This soothing treatment works like an ice pack for skin, using the calming properties of chamomile to ease redness, itchiness and irritation.


SmoothSkin Bare Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal Device – White

If you’re into the IPL idea, give this clever device a go – designed for use on both face and body, it works on all areas including legs, arms, underarms and upper lip.


Lush D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap

Why shouldn’t shaving smell sweet? This fluffy formula teams fresh strawberries with coconut oil and egg whites to create a skin-smoothing, shave-friendly blend.


TriShave 3in1 Shave Crème For Women

Your shower shelf will be well stocked with shaving supplies thanks to this handy kit – it’s packed with shave cream, moisturising lotion and a triple blade razor to ensure all the essentials are ready when you need them.


LYCON Ingrown-X-it Solution

Ingrown hairs are one of the worst things that come with at-home hair removal – luckily this spray is designed to decongest skin (thanks to a blend of salicylic and lactic acids) and decrease discomfort.


Marzena Natural Body Wax Strips

Down to go the DIY waxing route? These body wax strips (enriched with soothing hemp seed oil) took home the 2020 Glosscar Award for Best New Natural Body Product, so you know they’re good.


Waxaway After Care Lotion with Mango & Witch Hazel

Waxing does leave skin luxuriously soft, yes, but it’s not always the most enjoyable experience. Soothe your limbs post-treatment with this skin-conditioning, sensitivity-calming dry oil, formulated with tea tree oil to remove wax residue and prevent signs of irritation.

Main image credit: @smoothskinjp Do you have any hacks for removing hair at home?

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  1. For me IPL gadget proven to be best. Using still. Did use those wax strips on my [you know] area as at home ipl-s are not as strong as salon lasers and can not be used there. Ouch. Ya.

  2. I was looking at epilators a while ago and mentioned it to one of the girls at work and she cringed and said they hurt a lot. What are your thoughts on it? I guess if you have used it for years is mustn't be that bad.

  3. What a good list of products. I am really interested in trying an IPL device (I have never tried anything like it at home or salon) I've only ever shave and I'm getting pretty sick of it haha although if I did keep shaving that strawberry shave cream sounds amazing

  4. I want some of that Lush Fluff. I love Lush. The Marzena strips are really good, I tested them for Glosscars. They were great, got the job done, but ouch! Yes I know, I’m a sook! I’ve got an Epilady which I sometimes use on my arms and legs, but otherwise I just shave. I’d love an IPL machine but they are so expensive.

  5. Thankfully I'm not a hairy person and I don't need to do hair removal very often so I don't bother with gadgets. I've used the Marzena wax strips on my legs, otherwise I just apply body lotion and zip a razor over my legs. Quick and easy.

  6. It does hurt but the amount of pain depends on the person and their mindset as well.
    I have used an epilator for many years and for me when I expect it to hurt it will feel more painful.

    The first time you use it is the worst therefore I would suggest that your first time is a few days after your last shave or after your hairs start to regrow after a waxing session. If you do it regularly after that it is not that bad (as the hair growth cycle differs and if you do it regularly you catch them at different parts of the cycle and there are less hairs being pulled in a session), if you let your hairs grow out again I would recommend to shave or wax before you start epilating again.

  7. I have used the tri-shave lotions before. I am surprised that BH have not listed an option regarding epilation. I have used epilators for years now. I would like an IPL device but I am concerned about investing money into an expensive device which may not work on my blonde and light brown hairs.

  8. I love my epilator, I have been using it for years and years now. It does not hurt me to remove hairs, I am used to the device. The hairs that grow back are fewer and finer. There are some good hair removal products and some good skin soothing products listed

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