5 of the best breath fresheners for your NYE clutch


You spot a cute boy. Actually, let’s make that a very cute boy. He locks eyes with you, and he smiles. Like, really smiles. You glance at the time on your phone: 11.58pm. It’s at this moment you realise this is actually going to happen – you are going to be kissed by a handsome man as the clock strikes 12.

But then your mind wanders to your breath, and you remember that the last time you brushed your teeth was not only 16 hours ago, but many alcoholic beverages and garlic-filled foods ago, too. Eek. Do you run? Do you scream? Nope. You reach into your clutch and pop a piece of gum or mint into your mouth, because yes, you were smart enough to pack some…


#1. EXTRA Professional White in Peppermint

It’s super-easy to slip these pellets into your mouth on the sly, but don’t be fooled by their small size – this gum helps combat bad breath by stimulating saliva, while also helping to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

#2. Hollywood Make Out Mints

These mints are almost too cute to eatl. Amost. Shaped in adorable love hearts, these breath fresheners also come in a handy tin, which means they’ll never end up floating around the bottom of your clutch.

#3. Aveda Peppymint Breath Refresher

Don’t like the action of chewing gum? Pop a few drops of this plant-based breath refresher into your mouth for instant and long-lasting freshness. It contains a blend of cooling essential oils, including peppermint and anise.

#4. ECLIPSE Chewy Mints in Peppermint

If you’re a chewer, but never have anywhere to put your gum once you’re done, these soft, chewable mints are perfect for an instant hit of freshness. They’re also utterly delicious, so try not to eat them all in one hit, OK?

#5. Cedel Fresh Breath Spray

As far as breath fresheners go, this one is rather fun to use. Simply open up your mouth, aim and shoot. Your tastebuds will be delighted by instant hit of mint, and your mouth will benefit from its bacterial killing properties.

Are you excited about New Year’s Eve? Will you be packing mints in your clutch in case you score a cheeky pash? What’s your favourite breath freshener?

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