Best body moisturisers

Best body moisturisers

WHAT:Nivea Body Smooth Care Lotion
HOW MUCH: $5.35
WHY WE LOVE IT: Smooth and light, this lotion has all the benefits of an intense cream, without the hard work. It glides across the body and quickly absorbs to relieve dryness on the spot. With a combination of circulation-boosting ginko, protective vitamin E, and extra hydrating shea, it’s designed especially for dry skin and helps make bodies more resilient against winter’s environmental onslaught.

WHAT:St. Ives Whipped Silk Intense Body Moisturiser
HOW MUCH: $5.99
WHY WE LOVE IT: This one’s luxe for less. It sneaks vitamins and natural emollients into a creamy formula that feels far more luxurious than the tiny price tag would suggest. We also like that it forms a masting barrier against moisture loss but leaves no residue, meaning you can slather it all over without worrying about your clothes.

WHAT:Bio Oil
HOW MUCH: $14.95/ $24.95
WHY WE LOVE IT: A clever multi-tasker, this skincare oil tackles dehydration, ageing, uneven skin tone, scars and stretch marks all at once. A non-greasy ‘dry’ oil, it suits both face and body and can be used in the bath or as a direct topical treatment. The formula features natural lavender, calendula and rosemary oils and a unique delivery system, PurCellin Oil, ensures each ingredient does its work most efficiently. It doesn’t look glamorous, but it does work wonders on dehydrated elbows, knees and heels.

WHAT:Remedica African Organics Vanilla & Shea Butter Body Cream
WHY WE LOVE IT: Firstly, this cream smells delicious and, secondly, it does a darn fine job. Based on Fair Trade organic African shea butter and baobab as well as an array of organic botanical extracts, it melts into the skin like butter and leaves you scented with vanilla orchid extract, orange, frankincense and rose essential oils. It’s a pleasure to use, is suitable for all skin types and leaves thirsty bodies feeling soft and supple all day. We’re sold.

Tips for avoiding dry skin this winter

–    Avoid long hot baths and regular soaps, opting instead for a moisturising body wash in a warm shower. We like Hamilton Dry Skin Mild Foam Wash, $16.95.
–    Moisturise your skin straight after a shower, while your body is still slightly damp and warm
–    Cosy up in a warm jumper rather than in front of the heater
–    Apply and reapply sunscreen, just as you would in summer

– Tracey Withers

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