Bella Thorne’s fake tan fail

Bella Thorne’s fake tan fail

If there’s one thing Bella Thorne is not, it’s afraid of a beauty trend. The actress regularly shares her beauty adventures on Snapchat, recently attempting pink glitter brows for her thousands of followers.

But this time she’s shared something we can all relate to – a major fake tan fail.

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After her tan developed, Bella realised the new colour might be matching her signature flame-orange hair just a bit too much.

Posting a photo to her Snapchat, Bella pointed out her faux pas. “Uhhhh am I a little tan?” she captioned the image.

Don’t worry Bella, we’ve all been there! A little lemon juice rubbed on the skin will help to remove any fake tan mishaps.

Have you ever had a major fake tan fail? How did you fix it?

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