Before-bed beauty

Before-bed beauty

Beauty is not a game I take lightly – at any time of the day or night. I’ll reiterate what I’ve been told countless times… your skin does its regenerating work while you sleep, so it’s the best time of day to get cracking on the treatments you’ve been too time poor to apply during waking hours.

Before I explain how my simple bedtime beauty regime became a multifaceted manifesto, it’s important that you understand that it is imperative that I give absolutely everything a go, what kind of beauty brain would I be if I didn’t? It’s penned in my job description – ‘Thou shall try every lotion and potion that lands in your lap’.

Okay, excuses aside. Last night came the realisation that I had reached a new level of cosmetic craziness. Before slipping into bed I was sprung by my sister applying a little St. Tropez Every Day Body whilst attempting (and looking quite silly in the process) to hold my lips open as I’d just coated my chompers with Vani-T Tooth Whitening Gloss, which needs at least 30-seconds drying time. In addition to that my brows and lashes were white from a fresh lashing of ModelCo Lash and Brow Growth Stimulator (I’m just three days into the trial, going well so far) and above all, I was hopping around on the balls of my feet, trying to keep my fresh DIY pedi from sticking to the carpet – smudging CND Colour+Effects Collection Polish in Dark Ruby all over the cream rug would not go down well at all.

What’s your before-bed routine?

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