beautyheaven’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

beautyheaven’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Thankfully this year’s Mothers Day is looking a little different to the last. 2021 brings more open restaurants and less lock-down laws stopping us from seeing our family.

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And while some mothers will be happy just to see you this year, others may be expecting big things after 2020 totally hijacked their annual day of appreciation. 

So this isn’t the time to get comfortable; get card-writing, or photo album-crafting and ensure the motherly figure in your life is getting credit for all her lovely, motherly-ness.  Of course, the most fail-safe category for gift-giving is, without question, beauty. 

Scroll through our top present picks and pamper mum this year with some wrinkle-banishing skin care or a salon-quality hair tool. She’ll love you for it…

Elizabeth Arden’s Ginger Lily range

What better way to mark a positive change to the year than by refreshing mum’s signature scent.

The latest scent from Elizabeth Arden includes an eau de toilette (for only $58, um, yes please) as well as an accompanying nourishing body cream. 

VS Sassoon Unbound Cordless Auto Curler

Whether mum favours a tighter curl, a beachy wave or a va-va-voom spiral(with little to no technique required), it’s time to bring VS Sassoon’s latest smart styler into her routine.

And the best part? The curler functions for up to 45 minutes of cord-free use.

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Serene Body Health Red Desert Perfume Oil

As we enter the cooler months, it’s time for woody, deep and warmer fragrances to take centre stage.

Pair mum’s winter wardrobe with Serene Body’s perfume oil, inspired by the Australian red desert.

Mimicking the dry, hot landscape, the perfume uses base notes of buddha wood and amyris, plus middle notes of honeysuckle.

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It’s the duty of every son or daughter to keep their mum up to date on the latest technology.

And Foreo’s light therapy device is no exception.

Driving the ingredients of any FOREO face mask deeper into the skin, it ensures the nutrients are reaching well below the surface.

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Circa Home Mimosa Mist Fragrance Diffuser

Fill mum’s home with (the smell of the 5-course meal you’re cooking her, obviously, but also) the delicate, crisp scent of powdery lavender and rosewood, courtesy of Circa Home’s diffuser.

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Biologi’s BBright Skin Bundle Pack

The perfect all-in-one pack to build an effective morning and night skin care routine. Mum will love the simplicity but also the peace-of-mind this pack provides, knowing her skin is being well-cleansed, protected and nourished. 

Want to know more? Check out Biologi’s BBright Skin Bundle Pack reviews here..


Main image credit:Getty How do you usually celebrate Mother’s Day? What are you gifting this year/hoping to receive?

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  1. This will always be bitter sweet for me, the fourth Mother’s Day without my mum but the fourth with my beautiful babies. Family always means the most to me just being together and going out for a coffee or breakfast I will love. I wouldn’t mind a new bracelet I might put in a subtle request to my hubby lol 😉

  2. Ive no one to buy for.
    I wont have my kids with me as they have all scattered to the wind but im sure they will arrange to do a zoom meeting. I dont really know what I would like for Mothers Day this year. Perhaps a spa voucher but I do have one here from Christmas that I havent had the opportunity to use yet.

  3. I'm so grateful to have my mum still here after a scary period of very bad health for her, mum says it was our love that got her through X
    I'll be buying her a snuggly chenille throw in plum for the day and we will celebrate with a family lunch.

    I would love a voucher towards tickets to Hamilton the musical I am so excited that its in Australia.

  4. Some great ideas for Mother's Day at least we can hug our Mothers with Covid-19 Rules relaxed a bit.
    Unfortunately mine passed away many years ago, but please those who have Mother's please appreciate them every day, not just Mother's Day.

  5. Mum has bought some Lancome things fo Mothers Day and I've given her the money for it but I've also bought her a diffuser, not sure what else to buy yet. This Mother's Day is the first for my husband without his Mum. I know it will be hard for him and his brother and sister this year,

  6. My mum from the UK discovered Natio on her last trip and loved it. I think she is looking forward to her next trip (whenever that may be) to stock up more than to see her loving daughter!

  7. Mums really hard to buy for. But the Elizabeth Arden perfume is a good idea for mother in law. I usually get her and myself a Pandora charm. I am in the middle of crocheting a poncho type thing for mum but it won’t be finished in time so the next deadline is end of June for her birthday. Hope I get it finished in time for that.

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