Helloooooooo Mrs Hot Stuff

Helloooooooo Mrs Hot Stuff

Did anyone else take one look at a very Sophia Loren-esque Posh in the latest Armani Underwear ads and say, “I’ll have a whole big slice of whatever she’s having.” Good. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

The seriously sexy (some might even say smouldering) shots were that amazing that I want in. Sadly, for me, a diet of David and a daily calorie intake of negative 50 is way beyond the realms of possibility. (I’m still waiting for him to return my calls and I’d miss Maltesers too much). But these handy body shapers (not to mention fierce kohl pencil) should get me channelling Vicky B in no time…

Pevonia Botanica Smooth & Tone Body-Svelt Gel
I am lapping up this cleansing body treatment. It helps stimulate the skin’s metabolism (with a killer blend of hazelnut, almond and seaweed) to release water and toxics (yuck) so it’s bye-bye orange peel, hellooooo smooth, nourished and toned skin.

Dove Firming Intensive Cellulite Gel Cream
This highstreet handpick has been specifically developed to diminish the look of cellulite and dimpled skin by targeting problem areas (for me it’s my thighs). The combined seaweed extract and elastin peptides improve skin tone and firmness.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Body Peel
Use this once a week and you’ll be blessed with the most beautifully radiant skin. Combining powerful fruit acids (like certified organic apple, lemon and grapefruit) with raw sugarcane means a flick and a kick to wobbly bits. It’s all about tone and texture now.

Now smudge on some L’Oreal Paris Contour Kohl in Jet Black (don’t worry about keeping it straight, it’s all about the rock n’roll look).

What do you think of the steamy shots?

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