Beauty and the beach

Beauty and the beach

SPF: know your numbers

• No sunscreen is 100% UV-proof. Protect yourself with shade, clothing and sunglasses too.

• The average adult should apply one generous teaspoon of sunscreen on each limb and side of their body plus another ½ teaspoon on their face.

• Reapply every two hours. Your sunscreen may be waterproof but it can’t resist rubbing off with a towel or all-day perspiration.

• SPF is not cumulative. Layering SPF 10 make-up over SPF 15 does not add up to SPF 25 – you only have as much protection as the highest SPF product supplies.

• Always slather on your sunscreen 20 minutes before leaving the shade.

Beach bag essentials 

1. Invisible Zinc Brush-On Tinted Daywear SPF 30+, $38.50
2. Clinique Work-Out Makeup, $48
3. Sunsilk Leave-in Sun Protection Spray, $6.99
4. Blinc Smudgeproof Mascara, $45
5. Sunsense Cream SPF 30+, $6.99/9.99
6. ID Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation SPF 15, $70
7. Banana Boat Powder Dri SPF 30+ Sport Sunscreen, $14.99
A’kin Instant Revival Aloe & Orange Blossom Summer Mist, $19.95
9. Nivea Lip Care Sun SPF 30+, $3.75
10 & 11. Dermalogica Daylight Defense System Oil Free Matte Block SPF 20 & Super Sensitive Faceblock SPF 30, $59 each
12. PPS Beach Styler, $18.95
13. Sun-Ezy, $15 – Hitting the sand solo?
Not comfortable asking the next towel over to do your back? Use this clever sunscreen applicator to reach those tricky spots yourself.– Tracey Withers

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