Ban the whiffy-smelling tan

Ban the whiffy-smelling tan

I’m a self-confessed tan fan. I can’t get enough of the stuff. Unlike Ms Kidman-Urban, who rocks the pale look like no-one’s business, I look pasty and washed out without a faux glow.

But one thing that really gets my goat is the horrid tang that goes hand in hand with most fake tans. Even an untrained nose can pick up the damp, stale smell of DHA (it’s the ingredient we love to hate: love that it turns us golden brown, hate that it smells so pongy). The only option is to try a cover up with copious amounts of perfume – until now, that is…

St Tropez, the masterminds behind sunless tanning, has come up with revolutionary fragrance technology that helps to take away the tell-tale tanning aroma. St Tropez Gradual Tan Mousse is a natural, lightweight formula that glides on easily and spreads evenly to ensure no zebra stripes. But that’s not even the best part, the formula is so sweet smelling that you don’t have to apply before bed – you can pop it on your pins and head straight out the door. No one will be any the wiser!

Will you be glad to say “so long” to the fake tan pong?

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