Adolescence and your body

Adolescence and your body

Being a teenager is hard work, just ask teenagers. Most of us have been there before, experiencing the ups and downs – and those who haven’t are probably just about to experience it. If you’re one of those people, then this article is for you.

Change is set to be a big part of your life over the next few years. Many things relating to your body will change; some good, some not so awesome – and some that are downright strange. Some changes are specific to boys and others just to girls – and while it may seem a little weird, the good thing is that everyone goes through these changes, in one way or another.

Check out five of the most common changes to your body that happen during puberty, and discover how you can be better equipped to handle them…

Have you started noticing hair in places you never noticed it before? Places like your underarms and around your pubic region? It’s okay, you don’t need to worry; it’s perfectly normal! It happens to everyone – boys and girls – but that doesn’t mean it needs to stay if you don’t want it to. If you’re conscious of the hair around your bikini line being seen, there are quick, pain-free solutions out there. Why not try Nad’s Moisturising Hair Removal Crème with Mitt? Specially formulated for sensitive skin, it works to nourish your skin while helping to prevent razor rash. The hydrating avocado and olive oil in the formula leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth.

It’ll happen quite quickly. One day you’ll look down and notice that your once-modest chest is now housing two somewhat distinctive mounds – these are called ‘breast buds’ and they’re going to need something to support them, like a training bra (especially during exercise). These changes are caused by estrogen, a hormone that all women have, but that only becomes prominent as we reach our teenage years. Breast development normally begins about a year before the menstrual cycle starts and along with hair growth, is a good indication that you’re entering puberty.

For girls, periods are one of the more defining factors of puberty. As far as body changes go, your period requires the most maintenance and means your body is preparing for reproduction in later life. Due to the high level of hormone activity during this time (and once a month hereafter) you may experience other body-related changes such as cramping, acne and bloating. Ensure you arm yourself with quality sanitary products so you’re always prepared for when your period arrives (as it’s rarely ever the same day each month). We recommend STAYFREE® Regular Wings as an introductory option if you’re starting your period and CAREFREE® FLEXIA® Tampons Regular for when you begin to feel more ready to upgrade to tampons. Their unique SoftFolds® wings catch the fluid that other tampons may miss and will help to keep your mind at ease.

As puberty hits, you may begin to notice your body shape changing. You may see you’re starting to carry more weight around your middle section and thighs, as this is where women are more prone to weight gain (for men, it’s their stomach), it’s also due to the fact that women’s hips need to expand in order to be suitable for child birth. You may also notice you’re growing very, very quickly. A handy hint is to apply a little dry oil to your skin in an effort to prevent stretch marks that can be caused when your skin is stretched in a short amount of time (like during a growth spurt). We recommend Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil for its skin-nourishing qualities.

ADOLESCENT BODY CHANGE #5: Just for the boys
For boys, puberty means their bodies takethe relevant steps to turn them into men. Their voices drop, and let’s face it – they can get a little stinkier. Encouraging your son to shower regularly (especially after exercise) is vital. Also, it’ll pay to arm him with a hard-working deodorant that will be able to keep up with him. We recommend Garnier Men Mineral Deodorant Extreme because it works well under extreme conditions of heat, sport and stress.

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What was your biggest body issue when you were going through puberty? What advice would you give teens who are about to go through it?

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