5 top tips for a nourished winter body

5 top tips for a nourished winter body

You may adore wearing stylish boots and divine scarfs during the cooler months, but your skin is not a fan of winter. With harsh winds, chap-inducing cold temperatures and moisture-zapping artificial heaters, it’s beyond easy for your skin to become a little distressed at this time of year.

But we have a plan, beauties. Yep, we’ve got some great tips and amazing product suggestions up our sleeves, and we’re certain they’ll leave you with skin that’s not only soft to touch, but radiates a healthy glow, too.

BEAUTIFUL WINTER BODY TIP #1: Avoid super-hot showers and baths.
Lathering up with a drying soap under a long, crazy-hot shower is a HUGE no-no in the cooler months, as it’ll strip your skin of all its moisturise. Keep your showers as speedy as possible, keep the water temperature lukewarm and treat your skin to a nourishing, creamy body wash. Product picks:Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla Body Wash for you, and Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body and Face Bar for your man.

BEAUTIFUL WINTER BODY TIP #2: Slather your damp body in moisturiser.
Once you’ve stepped out of the shower and patted yourself dry, apply a rich, nourishing body moisturiser while your skin is still slightly damp. Your skin is very accepting of extra moisture when it is still moist, you see, so it’ll ensure the nourishing ingredients are locked in long after you’ve finished applying the product. And don’t be lazy either – apply it to your entire body, please. Product pick:NIVEA Body Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser.

BEAUTIFUL WINTER BODY TIP #3: Don’t be slack with your SPF.
We’ve said this a thousand times and we’ll probably say it a few thousand times more, but just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you can ditch your daily sunscreen. Whether you’re walking to and from work, playing outdoor sports, chilling at a café or heading off to the snow for a mid-year break, please slip, slop, slap on your broad-spectrum SPF and reapply as necessary. Product pick:WOTNOT 30+ SPF Natural Sunscreen.

BEAUTIFUL WINTER BODY TIP #4: Treat, heal and hydrate at night.
Your skin does its best healing at nighttime, so beat winter to its own drying game and nourish your entire body before bedtime with a multi-tasking oil. Oils are rich in hydrating ingredients, and they also sink easily into the skin. Look for ingredients such as rosehip oil, vitamin E and cocoa butter, as these ingredients will help soften the skin while helping to heal scars, stretchmarks, uneven skin tone and ageing skin at the same time. Product pick:Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil.

BEAUTIFUL WINTER BODY TIP #5: Target the super-dry areas with a specific cream.
The already-seriously-dry areas of your body (think elbows, feet and hands) will suffer even more in the cooler months, so lend them a helping hand by applying an extra rich cream. Creating a barrier between your skin and the oh-so-harsh elements will prevent moisture loss and flaking, and promote smooth, supple skin instead. Product pick:Uriage Dermatological Care Keratosane 30.

How do you keep your body looking beautiful in winter? Are you going to follow any of these moisturising tips and tricks?

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