The summer beauty basic we’re forgetting

The summer beauty basic we’re forgetting

When summer rolls around, many of us are concerned about exposing the leg and underarm hair that’s grown ferociously over winter and the glowing white skin that’s been hiding underneath jumpers and stockings.

And while we’re all happy to reach for our razors and fake tansin preparation for the sunny season, most of us aren’t so quick to tend to the other thing we’re not so keen to show off – dry, cracked feet that have been sitting and sweating in boots for a good few months.

Forget feeling self-conscious when you put on your cute summer sandals for the first time. Here are five simple steps you can take to ensure your soles and heels are smooth, soft and something to be proud of:


Wanna know how you can make soaking your feet less of a chore? Fill up a small shallow tub with warm water and The Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak, set it on the floor just in front of the couch, and put on your favourite sitcom. The formula will work to cleanse and refresh your feet, leaving the skin soft and prepped for step number two.


If you were naughty during the cooler months and didn’t exfoliate your feet regularly, you’re probably dealing with a gross build-up of dead skin cells on the bottom and sides of your heels. Once you’ve dried off your feet, take a foot exfoliator (a manual file like Manicare Ceramic Stone Foot File or electronic one like Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi will do the trick) and gently slough away those dead skin cells. Be warned: this will tickle. But persevere; it’ll be worth it.


Now that your feet are starting to feel soft and smooth, it’s time to give them a giant hit of the hydration they’ve been missing out on for months. Massage some Scholl Eulactol Heel Balm into the soles and heels, ensuring you cover every inch of the bottom and sides of your feet. You’ll want to repeat this step twice daily to really restore your feet to their former glory. Once they’re looking fabulous again, you’ll only need to use the balm as needed.


Be honest: do you only ever cut your toenails in winter when one rips your sock? It’s time to pull out your heavy duty QVS Toenail Clippersand nail file and get cutting and shaping. Not only do groomed toenails look better in sandals, but you’re also less likely to end up with a toenail infection or an ingrown toenail.


Your feet aren’t the only thing on show in those sandals, so you may as well make your toenails look as adorable as possible, too. Slick on a coat or two of a bright summer hue (we love Sea Siren Nail Polish in Coral Atoll) and finish off with a topcoat to stop the colour from chipping.

Do you take the time to look after your feet during winter? How much attention do your feet need right now?

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