40 ways to use multi-purpose balms

40 ways to use multi-purpose balms

If that multi-purpose balm that lives in your handbag or jacket pocket is only being used on your chapped lips, get ready for your mind to be blown.

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This Swiss Army knife of beauty products (which you’ve only been using for one thing!) will soon heal ailments and be your go-to for achieving a dewy complexion.

And according to Kate Bosworth, you can even use it on the ends of your lashes for a thicker, fuller effect.

For anyone confused by what on earth a multi-use balm even is, we are referring to a skin care formula that’s typically thick in consistency, colourless and scent-free. It’s purpose in a nutshell is to nourish and hydrate skin.

Our faves include:

Got one of those or something like it? Get ready to use it for basically everything…

40 ways to use a multi-purpose balm

  1. To treat dry lips 
  2. Apply over lipstick to add shine 
  3. To treat dry cuticles 
  4. To soothe mosquito, spider or various insect bites or stings
  5. To smooth hair fly-aways
  6. To treat cracked elbows 
  7. As a dewy highlighter on cheekbones 
  8. To treat cracked nipples 
  9. To treat nappy rash 
  10. To offer relief from psoriasis 
  11. To heal grazes if you’ve fallen over
  12. To soothe sunburn 
  13. To ease chafing 
  14. As a protective barrier for eczema and dermatitis 
  15. To treat pash rash
  16. To heal minor burns 
  17. To hydrate cracked pet paws 
  18. To treat cracked heels
  19. To remove eye makeup 
  20. To prevent split ends
  21. Use it as a perfume base for longer lasting scent
  22. To help remove tight rings off your finger 
  23. As a barrier to prevent hair, brow or lash dye staining skin 
  24. As an eyelash conditioner 
  25. To lubricate stubborn door hinges 
  26. To lift stubborn makeup stains 
  27. To turn powder, or pigment makeup into cream products
  28. Acts as a barrier for nail polish bleeding onto skin
  29. As a leather polish 
  30. Apply to dry skin spots before applying fake tan
  31. To help insert piercings with ease
  32. As a base of lip or body scrubs
  33. To prevent nail polish lids glueing to the bottle
  34. To stop razors from rusting 
  35. As a dewy finish on eyelids
  36. To tame unruly brow hairs
  37. To define lashes
  38. Applied to nipples during a run to avoid rubbing
  39. To soothe freshly waxed or lasered skin 
  40. To soothe a dry, red nose during a cold

Do you get the most out of your balms? What is the most obscure way you’ve ever used one?

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  1. So many uses. I would never have thought to use as a base for perfume though. Must try this if I can remember. Other uses make sense and was aware of so many but I would not use in my hair because it is so fine, also brows would just look greasy for me.

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