4 ways to rock a radiant décolletage

4 ways to rock a radiant décolletage

Take a gander at this image of Olivia Wilde, will you! She’s beautiful, isn’t she?

Her balayage is brilliant, effortlessly gradual and not at all obvious, her lips are vibrantly red and her plunging neckline is made even better by her amazingly smooth, oh so decadent, youthful-looking décolletage.

This is one look I definitely want for myself.

So, I’m more than confident that I can pull off the red lip part of this look and judging by my past hair looks – I’d say I have the balayage bit in the bag. So all that’s left is the smooth, supple skin around my décolletage area. So what are the best ways to rock a plunging neckline like Olivia Wilde? Just follow these 5 simple steps…


Dead skin cells (you know, the bits that your fake tan sticks to?) are almost always to blame when your chest area is looking uneven and discoloured. Exfoliating that area twice a week will help get rid of that dry, uneven skin and allow your new, youthful-looking skin cells to shine through. Using a nourishing body scrub in the shower will mean your skin looks more radiant and will become the perfect backdrop for all sorts of summer singlet tops. Try: Molton Brown Warming Eucalyptus & Ginger Body Scrub or The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub.

HINT TO ROCK A DECADENT DECOLLETAGE #2: make them firm and fabulous

Olivia knows that your neck and décolletage needs just as much love as your face does in order to battle the signs of ageing. Why? Just like your hands, the skin around your décolletage area is more prone to creping and often develops deep-set lines and wrinkles, which can make you look older faster than your face can. Using a nourishing moisturiser can help to hydrate and firm the skin around your neck and décolletage, so that you can avoid the signs of ageing for longer. Likewise, using a product that can help to enhance the look of your breasts is a sure-fire way to ensure your décolletage stays supple and youthful. Look for products that work to stimulate fat tissue and help your breasts to appear “fuller”.
Try: NATIO Renew Neck & Décolletage Cream, BIODROGA Spa Sensation Daily Body Moisturiser and freezeframe® non-surgical BREAST ENHANCER.


Nothing gives the illusion of a radiant décolletage than a helping of bronzer. Not only can it make you look slimmer and smoother, a bronzed décolletage can also help to define your lady lumps and make them appear bigger (and more perfect) than they actually are. You can opt for a proper fake tan, a wash-off tint or a simple swipe of bronzing powder over your chest to achieve this look, just be sure to add a little highlighter to your collar bone to really up the radiance. Try: Le Tan Wash Off Bronze or Avon Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearls.


If you’re wanting to rock a plunging neckline similar to Olivia’s, it’s important to ensure your assets don’t creep out from where they’re supposed to stay. Double-sided tape is a great way to discreetly keep your clothes in place – so nobody is any the wiser. Simply stick one side of the tape to a non-bronzed/tanned/moisturised part of your breast and firmly press your clothing to the other side. If you’re worried the tape won’t stay put, try applying two or three small pieces to each side of the garment. Try: Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape.

What are your top tips for rocking a decadent décolletage? How do you get your body looking smooth and supple?

Speaking of body parts. Miley Cyrus has sure been focusing on how to keep her décolletage (and every other part of her) looking soft and erm… supple.

Click on the image to find out about her latest antics…

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