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Tan it, hydrate it, wax it, shave it, massage it, tone it, exfoliate it. Yep, there’s a whole heap of tasks to get our heads around as winter disappears and summer slowly starts to creep up on us.

So it’s time to finally stop hiding behind our blazers and our woolly tights, get those pins out, and get beautifully bikini ready with a team of hard working summer prep products that are sure to make you feel ready for anything…

Endota Spa Native Mint & Desert Lime Foot Cream

If you thought about how good and refreshing this smells, times it by another 10 and you’re probably close. This is honestly the most scrumptious treat for dry feet. Simply apply after getting out of the shower for a cooling, nourishing effect, or at night with a sock over the top for a deeper nourishing treatment. Native Mint works to boost circulation and ease muscle ache while desert lime helps to stimulate new skin tissue.

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What are your top foot softening tricks?

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