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    Hydrogel Lip Mask – Gold
    1 review

    A good way to hydrate lips


    I have never tried a lip mask before so thought I would give this a shot.
    The mask is gold and quite well priced at $12 for 4 masks.

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    Pantene Pro-V
    Intense Rescue Shots
    14 reviews

    Hair Hydrating Facial


    Thank you Beauty Heaven for allowing me to be on your trial team for the Pantene Intense Rescue Shots.

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    Pantene Pro-V
    Intense Rescue Shots
    14 reviews

    For instantly soft hair


    A box of Pantene Intense Rescue Shots includes three 15 ml tubes of product. The box claims that this treatment targets extreme damage and helps prevent split ends.

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    1. 1571215801

      I am glad to be part of this forum. has anyone ever purchased dermal fillers from this website https://spiceurbeauty.com…

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    2. 1571107365

      Since our official store launched the human hair wigs products, more and more people have given up the…

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    3. 1571029374

      I've received an email from David Jones advising that they are now selling lipsticks from M.A.C at a…

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    4. 1570858430

      [Edited post because it was too long and the moment has faded a little so I'm much less wounded about…

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    5. 1570706598

      Hey Beauties, So i’ve recently gotten my hair lightened, always been purple but not had it re-touched…

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    6. 1570664285

      Hi everyone! I'm Stella and I'm a beauty blogger - happy to be here on BH! I'm going to try doing some…

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