Tips for preventing and correcting pigmentation

Skin that is even in tone looks youthful, luminous and healthy. However, not many of us actually have a complexion that is free of pigmentation. In order to tackle this skin issue and reclaim your clear complexion, you first need to understand what pigmentation is, why it occurs and how … Read more

3 foods nutritionists refuse to eat

When you speak to a nutritionist or dietician, they’re very clear on what kinds of foods you should be eating more of, but don’t really share much of what they would never eat themselves, do they? Well, we know how you can find out! We’ve got the goss on three … Read more

How-to: hydrating avocado mask

Is your skin looking a little dull? A little drab? Or maybe even a little dry? I thought so. It is rather hard to keep your skin looking perfect all the time, after all.  In an attempt to regain your healthy, glowy skin, why not treat your face to this … Read more

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