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Neutrogena Ultimate Sport™ offers long-lasting, durable protection from the sun. Using Neutrogena’s Helioplex® technology, the sunscreen is ideal for use while playing sports and exercising outdoors. It has been developed to withstand early sunscreen wear-off caused by sweat, wipe-off and rub-off and is water resistant, ensuring you are protected from harmful UV rays for longer.
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Best sunscreen for the body

I am so impressed with this sunscreen!

Normally, when I read that a sunscreen is30+ SPF and 4 hours water resistant I think of really thick, creamy, hard to rub in type of formula that leaves that tell-tale white sheen all over the body.
This is the 1st body sunscreen I used that has the high SPF with water resistant properties and yet the formula is so lightweight, completely invisible apart from the very moisturised look it gives your skin (almost like you used a hint of body oil on your legs), and doesn't have that strong sunscreen smell.

The packaging looks very sturdy - reminds me more of a deodorant than a sunscreen - but considering the product is called 'Ultimate sport' I don't expect it to have cutesy packaging. Practicality wise, the only gripe I have with is with the lid. I'm not sure if its just my one but the cap doesn't really 'clip' in very well so feels very loose. I'm a bit worried the cap might come off inside my handbag but its not a big problem.

I love that it is an aerosol can, it really is good at giving a nice fine mist that feels really soothing as it feels quite cool when you spray it onto your skin. I love how the texture is so thin and feels barely there instead of the usual thick gluggy texture of other body sunscreens.
It also makes it really easy and quick to use, I just sprayed it 10-15cm away from my skin as directed in quick sweeping motions and rubbed in it.

Most importantly, it works. I applied the sunscreen before going out to the beach and reapplied once (didn't stay out in the sun for that long) and didn't get tan. usually I get tan very easily and takes forever to fade ,which is really annoying so its good to know this will really help.

I will definitely keep using the product I feel like its the best body sunscreen I have tried so far!

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Fantastic product

This product is so easy to use! you spray it on and it comes out on your skin really fine (no white marks), it's really thick though, and makes your skin feel moisturised (as apposed to greasy!), I wore it when going on my hour long walk in the strong heat of the day and didn't get sunburnt, even though I was seating like crazy! It stayed on and felt really nice. It also didn't have the horrible smell that most sunscreens have!

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Seriously modern sunscreens

Can I start by admitting I was shocked that sunscrean could be sprayed on from an aerosol can, and it would be invisible on the skin? No white marks, no streaks, no gluggy pasty white consistency and no stickiness. Impressive!

So easy to use - just spray the fine mist over your skin. It felt light as air on my skin, a first for a high protection sunscreen.

And most importantly, whilst using this outdoors in the sun, my pale skin was protected.

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Lightweight and Easy

I just bought this yesterday because of the great reviews on BH! I love it so far. I walk to work in the morning and usually don't wear sunscreen which I know is bad but work clothes, heat and greasy sunscreen does not work at all. Luckily this is lightweight and easy to apply. It doesnt feel like I am wearing anything and the spray nozzle is not messy so I didnt end up with white splotches on my clothes.
I will definitely be repurchasing this product

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New favourite!

I am really paranoid about the sun but I hate the greasy feeling of sunscreen, espeically when mixed with sweat on a run, urgggg! This spray on sunscreen is the best sunscreen I've ever used, it goes on beautifully and sinks in quick, leaving a barrier of invisible protection. And it doesn't stink!
It's maybe a little expensive, and I'm not sure how long it will last me, but I hate giant bottles of sunscreen anyway-I'm pretty sure it goes out of date after a year.

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Long lasting protection from the sun!

I've been doing quite a bit of work in the backyard recently: landscaping, painting, etc and so wearing 30+ sunscreen has been an absolute essential the past few weekends. I love the packaging and easy-to-use spray nozzle of the Neutrogena Ultimate Sport sunscreen. The texture is more of an oil/ high sheen consistency, which spreads evenly without giving you that pale veil sunscreen look you usually get with SPF 30+ sunscreens. I re-applied every 3 hours or so and there were no signs of sun damage or sunburn at all over the 3 weekends I used Neutrogena Ultimate Sport. I've also used the sunscreen jogging one afternoon and it didn't run, or sting my eyes like most other sport sunscreens do.

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Easy to apply sun screen that will last easily for a round of golf (min 4 hours!)

I used this product before I played golf and thought that it was very good. I used it on my arms, legs and neck and I applied it about an hour before I teed off and then played golf for about 5 hours. It was an extremely hot day and I was in the sun for most of the 5 hours I was on the golf course and, despite sweating quite heavily, did not have to reapply at any stage. Not only did I like how long the product lasted but found it very easy to apply and, unlike many other sun screens I have used, it was not oily and did not run at all. The only criticism that I can make is that I would not apply it directly to my face.

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Lost my tan

I half really liked this stuff and half didn't. I did because it didnt smell too much like sunscreen and was easy to use. But i didn't like it because it made me lose my whole tan. I'm a plumber and i work outside alot so i had a really nice tan, now after using it everyday for the past two weeks, my tan's faded and i'm back to my normal colour. Which is good because at least it's doing its job but its still not good for me! haha i'm joking. It's a very good product, not too girly and easy to chuck in my bag and use everyday. It also didn't make my body dry or sticky which some sunscreen does to me.

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Clever, Unisex Sports Sunscreen

I’m the first to admit that I don’t wear sunscreen enough! Fiddly, greasy and time consuming is a big reason why. Using Neutrogena Ultimate Sport has changed those thoughts for me. Super fast and easy to apply this SPF30+ broad spectrum sunscreen comes in a spray can. Simple to apply by spraying it approx.10cms above my skin, over my body. This feels like a soft, light, refreshing mist against my skin, hydrating it and not drying it out or smothering it. It dried rapidly and was easy to control where I wanted to apply it thanks to its spray nozzle. Spraying some onto my palms and gently pressing and rubbing it onto my face allowed me to apply this to my face also. Its light scent is unisex and not overpowering and the formula surprisingly not clogging or thick on my skin. An outdoors, and active bloke this formula did last 4 hours it didn’t sweat off during activity and lasted while in water. I did not get sunburnt at any stage while using this but did make sure to re-apply as needed especially after water activites. I feel confident using this because it worked well to keep me protected from the sun and I will happily use it again. The only negative is that I find myself going through a can quickly when applying it to my full body. This sunscreen works and I have no excuse anymore not to apply sunscreen and protect my skin. A clever way to package a sports sunscreen, especially great that its formula lasts the distance without the heavy sunscreen feel.

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Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

Lightweight and non-greasy

Like the look of the packaging as it's sleek but also masculine. The formula is really lightweight and gives good protection although after a 2-hour surf my skin was a little red but I think this was more to do with the fact I was trying to apply in high winds and just sprayed in onto the back of my neck rather than spray into my hands and rub onto the neck - which would have been a better option.

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