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Light and easy

I tried this in a small tube and loved it. it was light enough to wear without the heavy feel of sunscreen, it's great to wear under make up or on top. I definitely felt better knowing I was protected without my face being an oil slick of normal sunscreen!

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HG Sunscreen

This sunscreen is fantastic.
Pros -
Sets nicely
No need for powder - non - oily / non - greasy
Does not break me out
Hydrating and skin feels soft
Cheap ($15 at coles, $12 at Chemist Warehouse)

Cons -
You have to blend this sunscreen in really well as it tends to leave white streaks. On tanned people (NC43) it tends to leave a white cast.

Easily avalible at most stores - I get mine from Coles and Chemist Warehouse. Packaging is amazing and easy to use. Has a high SPF and does a great job at protecting the skin.

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I have dry blemish prone skin so have preference for light, oil free, non greasy face sunscreens. I thought I would try this when it was released as SPF 50+ (as my existing sunscreen is a lower SPF), however would not use it daily. I always wear sunscreen on my face, however prefer milks or oil free options. Although this is supposed to be ultra sheer and dry touch I still thought it felt thick. I only use it if Im going to be in direct sun exposure, however prefer my milk - oil free option for incidental sun exposure.

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Great stuff!

I really enjoyed using this sunscreen, unlike many other sunscreens I have tried, this doesn't leave my face feeling unpleasant and greasy.

The product is light weight and absorbs into the skin quickly, it dries to a semi matte finish which is great if you plan on wearing makeup over the top of it. The packaging is sturdy and compact and best and importantly of all you wont get sunburnt. Great stuff!

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A Great Sunscreen

I was sent a sample of this Sunscreen from Pinchme. It is a great product it protects my face from the sun. I also love that I can use this protect on my sensitive skin. When I finish this sample I will be buying the full size.

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Great Sunscreen

I have a bottle of this sunscreen in my bag ! It is a great product thats light weight, easy to apply, covers nicely, and honestly can not remember the last time i was burnt. It comes it a lightweight packaging that is easy enough to carry around so you have it on hand at all times. I have used it on every member of my family including my three little children and it has never caused irriatation on skin. Its easy to rub in and doesnt leave a thick coating left behind, which would annoy the little ones if it did.

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Great lightweight sunscreen

This is a great lightweight and non-greasy sunscreen lotion. I wouldn't describe it as a totally 'dry touch' sunscreen it is a lot less greasy than other sunscreen's on the market and easily absorbs into the skin.

It doesn't feel heavy on the skin but does leave a slight sheer on the skin.

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It feels light and non greasy compared to other sun cream. I took the product on a holiday trip to Singapore and Malaysia. It was great because the weather was hot was sweaty but I felt that the product did work. I didn't feel as yucky compared to other sun creams that I used in the past.

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Doesn't dry to a matte finish, but still great for use under makeup

I tried a sample this a few months ago as part of a set from PinchMe. It was easily one of the standout products from the set.

It didn't dry to a completely matte finish on me, but was certainly much less greasy and thinner than traditional sunscreens. I like to apply sunscreen under my foundation, as I'm perpetually worried about melanoma and premature wrinkles from even 15 minutes of sun exposure. Generally this isn't a great combo in Summer, because while the sunscreen aids against sun damage, it also causes my foundation to slip and slide around my face.

Though it never dried to a matte finish, using this under my makeup definitely reduced the amount of slip. I'm a bit iffy about Neutrogena's animal testing policy, but I would consider purchasing this in full-size were it on sale and in a much larger tube. (Sidenote: why is sunscreen not cheaper in Australia?!)

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Best sunscreen I've ever tried!

I switched to this sunscreen a few years ago after another brand started causing breakouts on my skin and I haven't looked back. Believe the product when it says it is Dry Touch - I've touched my skin numerous times to query that fact and not once have my hands felt or looked greasy afterwards! I don't think it has ever caused me to break out, nor has it irritated my rather sensitive skin. It doesn't feel heavy on my skin either - I've sometimes worn it most of the day & into the evening without feeling an urgency to wash it all off (although 99% of the time I do anyway).

Unlike a lot of other sunscreens, this doesn't smell horrible and it is convenient to throw into your handbag or beach bag for travelling, without taking up too much space. I will admit that if you're not careful with application, it can leave marks on your clothes, but as long as you wash it out quickly, it doesn't stain them permanently.

One downside is is that it is pricey for the amount you get and I wish it came in a larger bottle. You can find it cheaper in Chemist Warehouse most of the time, compared to other stores. That said, I still wouldn't switch brands because this really does work and I'm happy that it now comes in SPF50+ as I need all the SPF I can get being of the fair-skinned variety!

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