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tanne zinke is terrible :(

I have this in the tinted version and it is way too pink and too pigmented for my skin. "Tinted" products generally don't leave much colour on the skin once they've been blended in, but this does! It completely changes the colour of my skin, unless I only use a tiny amount. Even then, it looks a bit funny if you look too closely. Maybe it would suit other skin tones better.

The product is very thick and hard to spread, so it's very tiring to apply. I suppose it would be ok if you were only applying to the face,but if you're applying to the body it would take a really long time.

Apart from the colour, the finish of this sunscreen is ok though. It's not shiny or sticky or greasy. It's actually quite matte.

I also thought this sunscreen smelt like fertiliser. Maybe you would get used to it eventually.

Lucky this was cheap because this sunscreen was very disappointing. This only applies to the tinted version though, and not the white one.

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