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Summer Glow Body Lotion

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This moisturiser and tanner is infused with intense moisturisers to pamper and nourish dry skin, whilst providing you with a subtle self-tanning agent. The formula is gentle and builds up a natural looking tan day by day. Available in fair-to-medium and medium-to-dark.

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Best gradual tan moisturiser!

I have been using this product for about 3 years now! And I don't think I'm going to stop any time soon. I originally got it because it was so cheap, and I wanted a gradual tanning moisturiser- something subtle because I'm a natural whitey! and let me say it really does work. After the first few applications I already saw a noticeable difference, but not an obnoxious colour, I just looked sunkissed! I now use fake tan, and continue to use this everyday over the top of my fake tan, and if you're a fake tanner you need to moisturise, and I find that this product keeps my tan longer on, probably double the amount of time.
It's perfect for everyday use because it's so moisturising, and overall it's a great product!

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Good for beginners

I am as pale as it gets so I decided to try tanning for the first time with this product, I started off with the fair-medium which I quickly found wasn't giving me the results I was after and had to re-apply every 2-3 days. It does have a scent, which I had been told made me smell like ferrero rocher, which is a plus in my book.

I switched to medium-dark which was much better and I could get away with applying once a week, however with both colours the patchy-ness towards the end was horrific. You would have to have 1 week in-between applying where you would scrub it off completely before starting again or it would not be a pretty sight. I will say that I have very sensitive skin and eczema and it surprisingly didn't irritate my skin, but I would say to others to be cautious.

I would say that this product is good for beginners to get a feel for tanning before committing to a more expensive product but I wouldn't recommend it for an experienced tanner wanting to try something new.

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Jess Caterina


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Love Love Love

Used this product for a few years now, and still loving it!
I have very fair skin, so I love how it gives me a light "summer glow" It's very moisturizing for my skin, and leaves my skin feeling smooth.

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Simple to use

Great product. I'm quite fair and find this doesn't leave me orange like other brands. It smells but it's a small price to pay for nicer skin. I use an oil on damp skin first and apply thin coats for 3 days, then leave for a couple before I start again.

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OK colour

I used this a for a week applying it once every 2 days and it gave me a fairly good glowing tan. It was very yellow which was a little bit unnatural but still was good for moisturizing the skin. One problem would be how long it takes to dry. I have to lie down without my legs touching anything for 10-20 minutes which is a bummer.

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Well payed for

This product is my favourite. I only started to use this product around 2 months ago when it started to get hot. I never really wanted to go to a salon and get a spray tan, iv'e always wanted to do things myself, so i found this. Once i started to wear this i felt more confidant showing my legs, my legs were tanned, smooth, not streaky and not to greasy. The best thing about this product is the value of it, the cost isn't much, cheaper then an actual spray tan. I personally recommend people to grab it and start using it, love it!!

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Rebecca 263


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The best!!!

I have been using this product for years, I always find myself repurchasing this time and time again. I am yet to find another product that holds colour, keeps skin soft and hydrated. It has much a pleasant scent i would recommend this product to anyone

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Good gradual tan

This Dove moisturiser also works as a gradual tan that builds up over a few days. You will notice a brown tan after a few days, however you will need to keep reapplying everyday to keep the consistency. It has a nice smell and blends well. Just remember like all tans you need to prep your skin first - exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!
This one is so much better than the Johnsons holiday skins that I originally tried.

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Love This

I really like this product, I use this and the letan one, I prefer this one as the colour builds up a few days faster than the letan one which takes about a week and im too impatient for that.
I have really pale skin but I use the medium - dark one, the colour is really nice and natural looking and the smell is alright compared to other gradual tanners. I just use a face wipe to clean the palms of my hands after using this and there is no dark build up at all. the colour is even and I not orange or streaky, its easily removed with a scrub in the shower. I have nothing bad to say about this at all I really like it.

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Bethany Mack...


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Orange skin :(

It’s a great product and I love how it smells but it didn’t work well with me since it made my skin orange. I tried the fair to normal skin since I have white pasty skin that looks like I don’t go out much (yet I actually do). After I used it for a couple of months, my skin turned into a lighter shade of orange--not the natural tan that I was going for. I haven’t tried the normal to darker skin version of this product, though.

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