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Summer’s Secret

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SunFX Summer’s Secret is an ultra-hydrating moisturiser that builds a natural glowing tan over a few days. It is also an ideal tan extender, beautifully complimenting your SunFX Spray Tan.

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Great everyday gradual tanner

I absolutely love this product!
The lotion comes in a big squeeze tube which makes it easy to dispense and use.
The product itself is a thick white cream that smooths easily onto the skin. I find the product does not streak (even if you rub it in in a rush!) on the skin and builds up really nicely to a gradual, bronze tan in just a couple of days whilst keeping skin hydrated. Does not have any hint of orange and looks very natural.
I love this product for maintaining a nice natural tan day to day, or prolonging my spray/fake tan.
The only thing i could possibly take a star off for on this product is the very strong fake tan smell this product has.. does not smell nice unlike the tan extender :(
But still a fantastic product!

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Easy, Quick and lasts!

I found this easy to apply, quick drying and the tan that builds up lasts. I usually have problems with only being able to use a gradual tanner for a couple of days before I go orange.
However I got up to 4 days in a row, got a nice colour and then stopped using it for a week. The colour started to fade about 5 days into that week, but it never went orange!!!!

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Stay C


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Fake tanners don't like me!

A nice moisturising product that is easy to use and smells like coconut at first but it does get that slightly sour smell later on so best not to apply before going on a hot date, sadly that wasn't an issue for me.

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Great for a quick buildable tan

The packing is lovely, funky and bright was excited when I got the pack and opened it up.... My toddler absolutely loved playing with the empty box, took it off her and she was so sad. The smell was nice to me, I know others might not agree but it smelt coconutish and I like that smell, nice summer smell.

Product felt very nice, more like a moisturiser felt like it hydrated my skin well at the same time and there is no colour to it, it comes out of the bottle white, but I find that a little does go a long way and it is best to work it around your body well and evenly, which I might not be the best at as I did see little patches here and there. I also found I was starting to get lots of little pimples on my legs and chest after application, so the second time I applied I decided to only apply it to my legs and havent seen any new ones so migh keep persevering.
Easy to use just apply like a moisturiser keeping in mind to apply evenly.

It made my skin feel soft and smooth even in the morning after I applied it at night.

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Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

perfect dark gradual tan

i have to say i was doubting this from the begin as im not a fan of sunfx spray tans, it so orange based that i had many oompa loompa experiences! but this tan is not too bad, for a gradual tan it is very dark which i love, you really only need one application 5hours before your event and your are good to go which is great because continually applying is annoying! for the purpose of this trial i continued to apply for 3 days, i did get a bit darker but nothing too noticable, you do need to make sure you wear gloves my boyfriend had very dark hands from doing my back (oops haha). i still found i needed to apply my regular lotion because even though this in meant to be hydrating it was not enough for me and i started to get that dry scaly tan look (eww). i love the smell just what a tan sure be coconut!!! makes me feel like im on a lovely island beach, it is also a good consistency for a lotion.The squeeze bottle is perfect for applying and the bottle has fancy swirls on it. I would not purchase again as it hasnt bet my favourite tan but i will continue to finish the bottle as im quite satisfied with the results

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Summer without the sun

Firstly can i just say i adore the Sun fx spray tans, so when i was given this product to try i jumped at the chance keen to see if it produces the same golden glow that the spray tans do. I was happy with the results and thought it gave me a convincing and natural looking summer glow, it smelt pleasant (which is a definite bonus as i dont like the smell of many fake tans). The colour also lasted the whole weekend - i would most certainly use this again if i dont have time for a spray tan

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Rating: StarStar-disabledStar-disabledStar-disabledStar-disabled

5/5 for the right person

I give this product a 1 out of 5 for me but I think if I didn't have an allergy to fake tanning products I'd give it a 5 out of 5. The smell of this product did not give that "dead giveaway fake tanning product smell" that most other tanning products have. It's consistency is just like putting on a moisturiser like cocoa butter. It blended well and left no streaking, no brown staining on my clothes and left my skin a really natural colour after 2 days of applying it. It's a great price for such a lovely product. And a generous sized product too. The only negative for me personally is that I have an allergy to something in all tanning products that I've ever tried, including this one. I was hoping I wouldn't because I would definately use it regularly otherwise.

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Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

Sun FX Summer's Secret Builds,Extends,Hydrates

A great gradual tanning lotion. It doesnt have the usual self tanning smell,so you can apply in the morning before dressing spray your perfume and dress while getting a tan!!
Applied over 3 days it built a gradual tan and I felt I had left winter behind and was on my way to summer.No streaking or orange skin.It was a great product to use, reasonable price and good size tube. I also used the spray tan and prefer this as its much easier to use,less fussy.

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Stay Tan

I am using this cream inconjunction with the spray on tan. It has a great scent, makes you feel like you are at the beach. After using the spray on, I applied this every day, and it keeps the natural tan look on my legs. It is a nice smooth consistancy and easy to apply. Both products are really worth a try, together they cost less than some stand alone tanning products. This product is good to get you started into summer without baking in the sun.

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Spoilt by Pi...


Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

This REALLY works!

I have been wearing this on top of my SunFX Spray-on Tan for a whole week now and my tan has not only stayed on, but still looks perfect! On application, the product feels creamy and smells beautiful. It absorbs into the skin really well, leaving it feeling and looking hydrated and not oily. I only need to apply each night before bed and the product lasts a good 24 hours, hydrating my skin as the day goes.
My skin is glowing and i keep on getting asked if I have been to the beach! I like everything about it, there is nothing to fault except that I wish the products were more natural.
The cream is very generous and so it is going to last a long time making it an economical choice. The packaging is great as it comes with a flip lid and the box is cute too. I rate it FIVE stars.

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