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Almond Shower Oil

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This soothing, shower oil is a unique cleansing treatment that foams when in contact with water. Rich in almond oil and grape seed, L’OCCITANE Almond Shower Oil softens skin while respecting its natural balance.

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LOVE the smell & the feel

I love L’occitane products and the Almond Shower oil is one of my favourites. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and smelling heavenly. A must have for all showers.

Read the full review of Almond Shower Oil by Brigette584.



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A nice treat in the shower

I received this as part of a body wash pack and its a pleasure to use because it smells great and isn't overpowering. It has a mild almond essence smell and its a thick bath oil, by oil, I mean oil, so I suggest to not spill it in the shower or anywhere, because, yes it will be slippery when wet!

It is great for moisturizing my skin in the shower and it keeps my skin nice and soft and slightly scented.

Read the full review of Almond Shower Oil by CherryBlossom.



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Luxury shower experience

The smell of this product is just divine.
I use it as a shaving oil in the shower and it is so lovely and moisturising.
It foams up nicely and leaves skin feeling soft and supple.
The only thing I don't like about it, apart from it being a little costly, is that it contains propylene glycol, which I'd rather avoid.

Read the full review of Almond Shower Oil by Kadymonster.



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Multi use product with amazing scent

This product is quite expensive so I only use it about once a week and keep a small travel size on hand for holidays. It is really rich and moisturising, great for shaving and saves you the trouble of bringing a separate moisturiser for after your shower. The scent is absolutely beautiful but not fruity or floral so is suitable for men or women. A little goes a long way with this product. Buying the refill is quite economical.

Read the full review of Almond Shower Oil by Jessica218.



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seriously luscious stuff, with more than one use!

I use this either as a shower oil with my sponge or as a shaving oil- makes the boring shaving experience so luxe and means I do it more often, win win!

Read the full review of Almond Shower Oil by Emmabovary.



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A luxurious body product

Smells absolutely divine and is so moisturising you don't have to put on moisturiser afterwards.

Read the full review of Almond Shower Oil by izurius.



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Silky smooth skin

Just love this product, it smells like heaven, perfect for dry skin

Read the full review of Almond Shower Oil by Icecream1985.



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Beautiful scent

The best thing about this is its sweet scent. I love L’occitane products because they have such amazing fragrance. It comes in a very liquid-y oil which lathers up into foam easily. It leaves my skin feeling and smelling luxurious. As a shower oil, it cleanses well, but I do still need to apply moisturiser afterwards, as my skin is quite dry usually.

Read the full review of Almond Shower Oil by Tara163.



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Lush and smooth

I bought this as a treat to myself. There used a shower oil before this so I was wondering how it would work. Well it goes on like an oil but lathers into a wonderful foaming moisturising experience.
Lush is the word to use.
It looks and feels luxurious. Smells wonderful and leaves my skin soft and smooth.
The fragrance is little and not too heavy.

Read the full review of Almond Shower Oil by Crystaltipps.



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Adore this!

I've never really tried shower oils before so was excited to see what this was like. The consitency is nice and smooth, without being greasy, and it very effectively cleanses your skin. The smell is heavenly - not too strong as I don't like overpowering scents. I'm quite fussy with shower products but this one easily desrves a 5/5 from me.

Read the full review of Almond Shower Oil by Jannz.

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