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  • Apr 2, 2012 10:35pm

Trial Team Review - Not really for me.

I was slightly taken aback by the strong perfume when I opened the box - fortunately the perfume doesn't linger after bathing but it is stronger than I like. I also found the soap less than wonderful BUT I'm not blaming the product. I have a sensitivity to many perfumes and I hadn't realised that I like liquid soap more than a bar until I used the Dove. I honestly hadn't realised how long I've been using liquid "soap free" products until I needed to make a judgement about the Dove soap bar.
The shape is excellent and it lathers well and isn't drying.
I'd really like to try the fragrance free Extra Sensitive Dove bar.
I actually feel badly marking the soap bar down to 3 stars because I do feel that I'm making a judgement on a product that isn't necessarily for me, but could be brilliant for many others.
I couldn't decide exactly why it didn't appeal overmuch to me, apart from the perfume, but it isn't something I'll buy again.
It does seem that liquid soaps appeal to me more than bar soaps.

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