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EasyWax™ Electrical Roll-on Kit

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Veet EasyWax™ Electrical Roll-on Kit is a self-heating at-home wax system with a roll-on applicator that is designed to deliver an even layer of warm wax for effective hair removal. The hand-held device helps to deliver salon-quality results at home and is formulated with the same ingredients as the wax used in salons. The formula is also enriched with natural beeswax, making it suitable for sensitive skin.



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For smooth legs and arms

I was very excited to try out this kit because I never had a chance to try something like that.

The packaging is nice and girly with pink strips on the device and the cartridge is easy to fix in the device. Wax is orange in colour and doesn't smell which is good.

On the instruction booklet it os stated to heat the wax for 20 min but it took me good 50 min to heat the wax properly which is a bit disappointing.
After heating the wax it was a bit difficult to get the roll on working properly but after few troubles it worked great and made waxing so much easier for me. It took almost all the hair in one go and left my skin feeling soft and smooth.
I am very impressed with the result and it felt like I had a wax in salon. It only took me half an hour to get my both the legs and arms wax done which is great.

I also comes with 12 waxing strips and 4 finishing wipes to help remove any wax residue.

Overall I am very happy witth results and definitely going to repurchase it because it made waxing a breeze for me.

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Trial Team

I’ve waxed my own legs for many years and have used countless different kinds of pots, strips and roll-ons. After using the new Veet easy wax electrical roll-on kit I can happily say it is up there with the best I have ever used.
After heating the unit the temperature of the wax was just right and the roller dispensed a perfect amount of wax onto the skin easily, with no tugging or pulling. The pink wax was easy to see on the skin, making it easy to see where I had applied it. It removed almost all the hair with one application.
I have quite sensitive skin and often have a lot of redness after waxing, but not with this product. I had hardly any redness and significantly less ingrowns too. I also found this wax didn’t hurt as much as some I’ve used. Not sure why? But it was definitely less painful!
Veet claim the cartridge is enough for four half leg waxes, yet I did a half leg wax to just above my knees and used less than 1/8 of the cartridge, so I should get more than four waxes out of the cartridge. Because the wax goes on thinner and I didn’t have to re-wax areas, I applied much less than I would normally use when using a pot. I used 2 of the 12 strips and one of the 4 wipes. I did keep the device plugged in while using it and probably wouldn’t recommend unplugging it for too long.
I will be interested to see how much the replacement cartridges are. Provided they aren’t too expensive (compared to other wax products) I will definitely be rebuying and using this product again and again!

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Easy peasy waxing.

I trialled this product for the trial team.
I have tried at home waxing kits before with average results.
I had given up on DIY.
I turned on the compact device with wax cartridge, it took a little longer to heat than the time recommended, although the quick and easiness of applying the wax and removing with the strips is quite efficient.
The pink colored wax is easy to see on the legs.
My legs where left smooth and hairless.
This is definitely the pick of the home waxing kits.
It's super easy to use with great results.
I would recommend this to anyone wanting to wax at home.
Will definitely purchase a new cartridge.

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Veet EasyWax Trial

Having only had experience with at-home wax that needs to be heated (and reheated) on the stove or in a microwave, I was keen to try a self-heating home waxing system.

The Veet EasyWax was easy to assemble, simply insert the wax cartridge, rest the wax wand in the cradle, plug in the cord, and leave to heat. As the product under trial was the European model, the voltage difference meant it took around 40 minutes to heat up, instead of the suggested 20 minutes. There is a red light on the wax wand, indicating there is power to the unit, but a light (perhaps green) indicating the wax is to temperature would be a welcome addition. Included also in the kit are 12 wax strips, which can each be used several times, and 4 wax-removing wipes.

The wax itself is a bright coral-pink, quite a nice colour, but I found that as my skin becomes very red upon waxing, it became difficult to see where any waxy residue was left on my skin! The wax wipes were successful at removing any excess wax, but any oil will do just as well if you run out of wipes. The wax strips can be reused several times, once one side becomes full of wax, simply fold the strip in half, and the unused side of the now shorter strip can be used.

I found it most effective to roll the wax wand up my leg, against the grain of my hair growth, applying a quantity of wax slightly shorter in length than the strip used to remove it. The EasyWax delivers a thin layer of wax, it is important to get the roller moving first, because it is somewhat stiff the first time you try to roll it upon your skin. When the wax wand was unplugged, the wax cooled quickly, so I kept it plugged in most of the time, although this got a bit awkward, I sometimes found myself in a messy tangle of legs, wax and cord! After applying the wax and quickly removing the strip with a firm rip, I found around 70% of the hair was removed from my legs. Not as good as a salon wax of course, but for an at-home product, I think this is the best you would get.

Compared to other home waxing systems, this is certainly the most effective I have ever used. The main advantage is the lack of mess compared to traditional at-home waxing systems, and the fact that the wax doesn’t get too hot, so there is no burned skin. I am interested to try the wax cartridge with the smaller head, designed for bikini and underarm waxing. The disadvantages are the lack of strips, only 12, there should be at least double that many, and I doubt that one cartridge would go as far as claimed on the packet. All in all, I don’t think it is worth the $40 price tag (and how much will the cartridges cost?) but I was happy to trial this product, and if the cartridges are a reasonable price, I will purchase them and gladly continue using my Veet EasyWax.

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Veet EasyWax Electrical trial team

Good evening ladies.

Straight up, I am hairy, very hairy. I inherited my hairness from my dad that is about as hairy as an ape. I am sadly not even joking.

Moving on. This is a pretty good product. I usually shave or when I do wax, I use wax strips. The EasyWax kit is pleasant looking pink product that is easy to hold.

It took 40+ minutes to heat up, that didn't phase me, I just did other stuff around the house while it warmed up. Oh and the night before I used this I used a body scrub on my legs because it makes them feel smoother and I don't get itchy legs when the hair starts to grow back.

The wax needs to be rolled onto the skin, and it comes out cleanly and thinly (and is a pretty pink colour!) and then you need to put a strip over the wax and rip it off in the opposite direction to hair growth. I did have some little patches of wax left on my skin but that came off with a bit of baby oil.

The only thing negative I have to comment on is that it would be great to have heaps more strips included in the kit.

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just like in a salon!

First of all, thanks BH for letting me be a part of the trial team.

This comes in a pink and white box with the waxing device showing. The device also had a base for it to stand in and a cord, the device itself was very easy to hold, reminded me of the shape of an epilator. It also came with one wax cartridge, after wax wipes and wax strips.

I let the wax cartridge heat up in the device for 40 mins, I didn't mind because in that time I exfoliated and did other things. Once the wax was heated up; I rolled on the wax from knee to toe as directed on the instructions, the layer of wax was thin and even. After rolling on wax, I put the device back on the base, grabbed a wax strip. Firmly ran up and down with the palm of my hand over the wax strip a few times, and pulled the wax strip off. I found that because I didn't have to apply the wax with a stick, this roll on was great because it was just so even and simple ! There aren't many wax strips that come with the pack but what I did was use one strip, then another, by the time I was done with the second, the wax on the first would be dry so I could use that strip again which is great. I even used the back of used wax strips! After waxing both legs, I had used 5 strips so I still have some left for my next session.

The wax itself doesn't have much of an odour which is great, consistency was also amazing. After waxing, I used one of the after wax wipes which made my legs feel amazing. I didn't have any wax residue because it comes off with the strips so easily! It's been three days since I've waxed and they're still smooth! I will definitely purchase the roll on applicator wax cartridge for underarms as this applicator is way too big for that, I can imagine it getting very messy so I didn't try.

All in all, great product. Will continue to use. Thanks BH!

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Simply average

I received this kit for review as part of the Beautyheaven Trial Team Program, and I was really excited to try it out.

The packaging is quite nice. It's sleek, easy to assemble, fits nicely in the hand, and feels like it would travel well. It's also cute and pink, though I know that won't be to everyone's taste. The little plastic stand is a great idea, though I wish it were sturdier. I also wish the cord were longer, as I felt like you'd have to be right next to an electrical socket to use it comfortably.

The kit states that it takes 20 minutes for the wax to heat up, but I found that I had to wait in excess of an hour for the wax to apply smoothly! Unless the Australian version on shelves is more powerful than the European versions we were trialling, I would strongly suggest that Veet alter their product claims. It's a bit counter-intuitive really; why bother buying a DIY waxing product when you could travel to and from the salon and get your legs waxed by a pro in less time?

The actual waxing was a bit hit and miss. It may just be me being a n00b at waxing myself, but I found that sometimes I either had to a) apply 2 layers of wax, or b) use the wax strips on the same spot twice. On the plus side, the wax is this great coral-pink colour a la MAC Impassioned Lipstick (yeah I'm weird, but I love the colour :P) and the smell was not unpleasant.

Unfortunately I found that there weren't enough strips in my kit to wax both my calves! I see other people are complaining in their reviews that there aren't enough strips for the stipulated 4 sessions, and I couldn't even make them last for one session! Granted, this may be because I had to go over many spots twice, but I also have big legs - so it's not a terribly friendly kit to those who don't have the thinnest pins.

The wax-residue-removing strips were relatively effective, though I did find I had to scrub a little bit to remove some of the wax. They have an oily residue that serves to moisturise the legs after waxing, but will require a decent handwashing afterwards, unless you're keen on feeling like you've washed your hands in olive oil ;]

Would I purchase this kit on its own if it weren't sent for review? No. It takes an hour to heat up, and I didn't have enough strips for both calves. If there were a *tonne* more wax strips included, the kit took less time to heat up, and the price point were a little lower, I might consider it.

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Suprisingly Good

I hadn't waxed in years since I bought my epilator but this product does make the process a lot easier and faster.

-Product is pretty easy to hold and grip
-Applies the perfect amount of wax each time
-Minimal mess
-Wax was very effectiving in removing even the tiny hairs
-Didn't experience any abnormal irritation
-Product keeps wax an ideal temperature, warm enough without burning your skin
-Single wax strip can be reused up to 6-8 times
-Wax was removed easily with the aftercare wipes
-Wax cartridge may just actually last 4 wax sessions. After waxing the entire of both my legs, I've still got a bit more than 3/4 left!

-Took forever to heat up. We were told it could take 40 minutes instead of 20 since it was an overseas model but mine took just over an hour
-Cord was too short. Made it hard to reach the other side of my legs. You can unplug it and it will maintain the temp for up to 15minutes but I would prefer a longer cord.
-Stand is too light and the cord is plugged in too low. Sometimes it was just easier to lay the product on the table.

Cons aside, I will definately be repurchasing replacement cartidges, I think this product is really great!

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Impressive DIY!

This gadget brings the salon to your home, with an ergonomic device. The provided wax cartridge lasts a few sessions, there are several wipes to soothe the skin afterwards, and there are several removal strips. The wax needs to be heated for 40mins for effectiveness so you'll need a timer!

It is very easy to use. The wax carrtidge clips into the applicator, which sits in a deck for heating. I found mine worked just as well when I left it heated for 60min so don't worry too much, it won't catch fire nor burn you!

For me, application was not so pleasant. The roller was stiff at first use so I needed to roll it with my hands a lot (once it was going it was fine). After application I found it best to leave the cartridge plugged in as it would cool too quickly, so the wax kept heating itself so an ideal temperature.
I rolled light pink stick wax ~15cm up my leg and arm, then used the removal strips immediately (ripped in the direction of hairline growth). I then used the soothing strips and had absolutely no irritation.

I found that the wax could stick to a lot of things (like the applicator!) so I had to use some alcohol wipes to remove it.
But it did leave a nice, smooth result which has so far lasted 2 weeks!

It was very easy to use and a very good, cheaper, home-option. Delightful to have tested!

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Less mess.

I was so excited to trial this product having just begun waxing as my first method for hair removal. The product was nicely packaged. Although I was slightly disappointed in how the applicator took to heat rather then the suggested 20 minutes it took me double the time to get the wax to come out smoothly. I found the product easy to use although wish the kit had of come with more strips and wax. It took me about 25 minutes to wax each leg and the result was salon worthy. This product was less messier than using strips and the residue came off much more easily.

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