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Convenient and worth the Money

This is money worth spending! I bought the product because I was simply sick of shaving. It took about 3 uses to get used to, but it is great! I have used it for a little over a year and I only do it once or twice every four weeks. It has minimised hair growth and doesn't take up much time! Only thing it won't do is remove dead skin like waxing or shaving, but that is easy done some moisturiser and voila!

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Beauty is pain!

I'm a bit tired of shaving and waxing just isn't for me (I end up with rashes for days). I hadn't used an epilator for years but I decided to give this a go.

The reason I'd avoided epilators for a long timewas purely because of the pain factor. No getting around it though, they still hurt! Although I have happily discovered that the shorter the hairs, the lesser the pain. It's still not particularly pleasant but as long as the hairs are just a few millimetres long then it's bearable. I'm not sure how long it takes to become immune to the painful sensation, if ever, but I haven't got there yet. So far I've only had the courage to use it on my legs. Perhaps one day I'll work up the courage to use it on my underarms or bikini line - but not yet.

Pain aside, the results are great! When shaving alone the regrowth was very quick. I was having to shave my legs every couple of days. But with the Silk Epil I find it's necessary to use it only once a week. This alone is wonderful and worth persevering for.

There is some redness just after I use the Silk Epil but this goes away within a few hours. I've also not really had any issues with ingrown hairs either.

It is also, of course, expensive to buy. But I guess when you consider the amount you may spend on professional waxing or purchasing razor blades then it works out in the long run. If you can handle the pain then I would definitely recommend this.

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love it

after many months of epilating, i believe i became immune to the pain.. this product just does the trick

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Epilation is the best way to go

It will hurt the first time-there is no doubt about that. But as time passes you will learn to appreciate it because it seriously is a girls best friends

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Sorry tried this but to put out the hairs in one go is worse than waxing, actually more painful than childbirth and that's saying something. It was all I could do to not scream out loud. Love the results but can't handle the pain.

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easy and convenient

Don't wait 4 weeks between epilations, since it quick and easy to use a quick weekly epilation is less painful and ensures your legs feel silky smooth.

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Love it!

Don't try to use this on long hair - it hurts! However, it is still effective. I've had mine for about 18mths now and find it great for everything. Fabulous for travel, particularly as you don't know what to expect at a new beauty salon and this way it doesn't matter!

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No more irritated skin

For those who experience irritated or itchy skin after shaving, I highly recommend this epilator. It is very easy to use and I didn't experience much discomfort or pain when using. My skin is left feeling smooth and no more itching! It does however take between 10-20mins to epilator both legs. It comes with a few different attachments to suit epilation in different areas. There's a newer model which works both on dry and wet skin!

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Blood titan


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The Braun Xpressive has been beautifully designed, and has all the specs attached; I found the Smartlight to be very convenient. I initially found it to be quite painful, and the noise of it did intimidate me (it sounds like a beast), however I am a novice to epilating, and grew very used to the sensation. It has given me the desired results and is well worth the purchase.

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Lora 466


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love it

i have one of the wet/dry epilators and i just love how i can use it in the bath/shower or on dry land. all the attachments make it easy to remove hair from anywhere and the light makes it heaps easier not to miss any strays

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