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Cheap and smells amazing!!

I really love these! cheap, smells good and totally worth it. They are a staple in teenage girl's bags in NZ and remember everyone at high school had these. Have a couple of these in different scents. Tease, Goddess, True Love, Romantic Spark, Into Glamour, London Vibe and NY Sass. My top two would definitely be Into Glamour and NY Sass. They are scented pretty well, some a little stronger than others, but last for a good couple hours or so. Definitely good to have on hand at a really affordable price.

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Favourite body spray!

This is easily my favourite Impulse body spray. It smells very sophisticated and sexy, good for layering with nighttime perfumes. I always get compliments wearing this. It lasts for a few hours without being overpowering. Makes me feel so good!

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I love this body spray- it is super pretty and super light!
Its easy to spray all over the body- and lingers nicely, fading gently! It doesnt last all the day but will last for a little bit = but fades nicely and isnt overpowering at all.
This spray has strong floral and woody notes but also deep notes of vanilla-its really feminine! Lovely and affordable and light- for a body spray!

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Tashee 92


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I like this one

This is a nice night time one I love spraying it after I've put perfume on it just makes me feel fresh & the smell is very glamourous

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Amazing Perfume/ body spray for teenage girls

I got this as a gift from my friend and when i first smelt it i was amazed at how exotic it was. The strong floral and woodsy notes make this scent perfect for evening wear but it's also suitable for daytime wear. It is also inexpensive and a great value for money. By wearing this everywhere and everyday this perfume will give you a mature and elegant feel.

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The new version of 'Into glamour' smells like sandalwood and vanilla!

I have the new scent of into glamour, which has notes of sandalwood and also vanilla. It has a slightly different design on the can but its still blue. When I spray the perfume its refreshing smell is all I need for a couple of hours. It comes in a 75g/97mL can and is small and can be easily kept in a handbag. it is also lightweight. I have only just recently bought it (my mum did actually) but I like it. It mainly smells like sandalwood but the vanilla sweetens it up.

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Great musky scent

I love this one because it is musky, not too overpowering and it has a twist lock lid. The scene is ah-mazing and i will definitely purchase again.

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Into Impulse, Into Glamour

Impulse Into Glamour comes in a 75g blue tone aerosol with a twist open and close top.
The body mist is a blend of sandalwood and amber notes.
I like the fragrance, it is uplifting and light, not overpowering.
It is easy to apply, hold the can 15cm from body and spray.
The fine fragrant mist settles on skin and dries quickly.
A beautiful aroma is emitted from skin, a feminine fabulous scent.
The body mist is similar to perfume, giving skin a lovely scent.
The slim line can fits in an average size handbag, transportable so the body mist can be used through out the day to keep the aroma fresh.
Impulse is popular with my teenage daughter.
I like it as it widens my choice of fragrances to use, even though it is classed as a body mist.
Into Glamour has a feminine aroma, it's a nice body mist with a touch of class.

Made in Australia from local and imported materials.

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Light, Inexpensive

A very cool design packaging for the full size - I have the sample size of this though but have still enjoyed it.

It's light, youthfully glamourous and inexpensive to buy. Great to squirt on all over just for the fun of it after a shower! Perfect for the young or young at heart!

As I've had this sample size now and used half of it - but not in a hurry - I don't think I would buy the full size for me but I may buy it for my daughter for an extra birthday gift or for her Christmas stocking. A lovely product for a teenager.

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Too good to be true

I absolutely love this fragrance! It smells very glamourous and also very sophisticated, but it's not too over powering. It's easy to apply, and super cheap! It is almost too good to be true!

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