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Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant deodorant

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Rexona Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant deodorant is designed to prevent and provide relief of everyday heavy sweating. Formulated with trisolid body response technology, this deodorant protects against wetness and odour. It also contains Dimethicone, which works to moisturise the skin and help reduce irritation. Available for men and women, and suitable for use everyday.


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It hasn't wowed me

I don't know if I'm not applying enough but I find that applying it at night doesn't make this last. I have to apply it in the morning to get results. Also, the product doesn't go a long way, I find I use it up pretty quickly. Saying this though, it is the best on the market that I have found so far.

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Keeps me dry most days

I am quite a heavy perspire and this product is pretty good but not the best. Some days I feel a little bit of dampness so for $10~ I could get the same strength from other deodorants like Mitchum. I have it in the purple fragrance collection and it smells amazing!

It comes out as a cream and dries completely upon application, you click/wind it up 2 clicks per underarm and it should be good. I use it 2/3 times a week and it has lasted 2 months which is pretty good.

Overall this deodorant smells divine, I love the scent so much but am less impressed with how well it works especially for the price. I would still recommend it to those who are heavy sweat-ers as it works decently most the time!

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Thank you!

First of all! THANK YOU BH, as without these reviews I would never had looked at this product. I have found that I have been battling the odour and sweat for a while now. I do the whole chop and change deodorants finding that they are great until a week later when they stop working. With this one its NOT THE CASE. Still working, no more odour, no more being worried of waving my arms around. Packaging is different, but it works, Yes it is pricey but again IT WORKS. I would pay $30 for a deodorant that gave guaranteed results.

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I, like many others have tried so many different variants of deodorants that claim to stop sweating. I found after just the first use that it stopped my sweating, which was absolutely fantastic as I'd just started a new job where I was wearing lots of short sleeved shirts.
I think I used almost one stick, but it started to give me an itchy rash under my arms. This was easily fixed, with some bepanthen, so I think it dried out my armpits a bit too well!
Having said that, I've gone back to normal deodorant and I have had minimal sweating.
Would I use it again, even if I got another rash? Heck yes!

Read the full review of Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant deodorant by Slayerkitten666.



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Not a huge fan of the smell but put up with for the results.

I use the Rexona Clinical Protection deoderant prior to exercise as I need just a little extra boost to get me through. It works great! I very rarely think that I smell bad, even through the toughest classes.
The cream dispenser is a little different from the usual roll ons but the cream spreads easily and absorbs into the skin well. It doesn't leave sticky residue or attract fluff from clothing and doesn't irritate my skin. Whilst I don't love the smell (I generally dislike many non-specific smells) it's not bad enough that I would give up the results it gets. Definitely a great tool in my arsenal against the post exercise pong!

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Great long lasting

Iv had to try many different deodorants and I seem to get used to them and they don't work after a so with Rexona clinical goes on well and takes a little to dry but not as long as other spray deodorants..keeps fresh all day even after down side is it doesn't wash off too well-leaves a waxy rough kind of feel after washing-I find a couple of thorough washes in the 1 shower seems to work..and given its a long lasting deodorant it be designed to stay during a shower..

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Neeky Noo


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The first deodorant that stops sweating

I have tried a range of anti-perspirants which range from hopeless to good but this is the first deodorant that actually STOPS sweating. Wether you are a heavy sweater or need an extra boost support on a stressful day this is sure to protect your little juicy pits from creating sweat marks on your clothes because honestly who wants that!? The scented woman's one is subtle yet pleasant and doesn't overtake perfume. I am delighted with the end result. The only minus for me is the price. Also, do not use if you are only a mild sweater as it could dry out your armpits too much.

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Sweat less

I was a bit skeptical that this product would not work any better than my regular deodorant but I do believe this product provides superior protection. I don't have to worry about sweating when out so I have more confidence thanks to Rexona's clinical prtoection deodorant. With two clicks to disperse the product, odour is prevented and I have confidence throughout my day.

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Good, some flaws

I found that regular deodorants do next to nothing for me and I was always very self conscious of it. This was more effective for me but still not 100% unforntunately. I tried Driclor but my skin reacted so badly to it I wasn't able to use it for more than 4 days in a row (actually caused bleeding, even when I wasn't scratching). Eventually I found that using this product daily and driclor every few days worked best for me.

You are supposed to apply at night and not reapply in the morning but I don't feel as fresh doing that, also I don't want too much product on my skin at night. I apply it in the morning or straight after my shower if I'm going out and it works fine, just be careful because it does leave white marks.

I love the scents of both the red and blue deodorant for women. Both are so fresh and I smell nice all day with it. The consistency is good too, an easy to spread cream that dries clear (maybe faintly white). It is difficult to wash off and I can feel it on my skin even after I shower most days, but to be honest I find that kind of reassuring that the product is effective.

I find the packaging to be my main complaint with this product. You have to wind it up quite a lot to get it out at first and generally the first application will be very uneven. Also it leaks a fair bit if you want to travel with it or take it in your bag to work which is annoying. And the design of the package means that quite a bit of the deodorant is wasted when you reach the end because it gets squished inside the dispenser and won't come out. Its so frustrating, I can see it through the clear bottle but I have to throw it out, and at $14 a hit I hate wasting so much!

Overall, semi-effective for heavy perspirers. Smells nice and spreads easily, but leaks, packaging design wastes a significant amount of the product and it's expensive and leaves white marks.

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Goods and bads

Quite pricey at nearly $15. The tube winds up a cream like substance which you don't need much of. It works wonders in terms of ceasing sweat. Downsides are that I find it doesn't wash off that well and takes a few washes to get it off leaving my skin feel dry.

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