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Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant deodorant

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Rexona Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant deodorant is designed to prevent and provide relief of everyday heavy sweating. Formulated with trisolid body response technology, this deodorant protects against wetness and odour. It also contains Dimethicone, which works to moisturise the skin and help reduce irritation. Available for men and women, and suitable for use everyday.


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Rexona Men Sport From The Clinical Protection Range

The deodorant comes in a 45ml plastic container with lid.
It has large dispenser holes on top with a click wheel on the base to wind up the deodorant to apply directly to skin.
The variety is Rexona Men Sport in the Clinical Protection range which is my partners.
The deodorant helps with wetness and odour protection for heavy sweating.
It is a cream deodorant with a thick consistency.
Texture is smooth, creamy and light.
Fragrance is warm, lightly spicy and masculine its a really nice scent.
It is applied before going to bed, this allows the deodorant to form a deep level of protection for the next day.
The deodorant can also be applied in the morning.
The cream deodorant is pliable, a thin layer is smoothed onto skin with a swipe or 2 under each arm.
It doesn't feel wet, it seems to melt and absorb into skin.
The cream dries to a fine powder that sits in tiny skin pores underarms, ready to react to help stop BO and wetness during the day.
It does a great job of controlling wet patches on shirts under the arms.
The deodorant keeps my partner feeling and smelling fresh which is important when dealing with people in his line of work.
The warm spicy aroma is the perfect fragrance for any male, young or older.

Made in the Philippines

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The only product I've tried that physically STOPS sweat

This is legitimately the only deodorant I have ever used that functions as an "anti-perspirant". Sprays make me feel fresh for a whole five seconds, but as soon as I step out the door I start sweating and am prone to B.O. like everybody else.

Clinical-strength deodorants are a godsend. I'm unsure how they work, but they literally block the sweat glands in the armpit to stop sweating. The skin feels matte and dry to the touch. Be warned though: because they block the sweat glands they may also block the hair follicles, so you may get a few lumps that you have to squeeze (TMI I know...)

I use the women's version, purely due to the scent. The deodorant itself is a cream stick, which you wind up and push through a grate. In my experience use the smallest amount possible, only 1 click/rotation of the little wheel at the bottom. This will help you get value for money as it's not a cheap product.

I imagine some people may experience a little irritation at the strength of the product, but as a super sweaty beast I'm willing to put up with it. It is literally the only product I've ever found to truly stop sweat. If only I could apply it to the rest of my body!

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Best of the best.

Not all deodorants are made equal! No matter what kind I tried I could not keep dry during a day chatting embarrassing sweat marks leaving stains on my clothes. I had seen this deodorant around a couple of times but never bought it because the price was quite a bit dearer than any other deodorant I have tried. But after another failed product I finally decided to pick it up and I am so glad that I did.

The product rexommends that it be applied before bed and again if needed in the morning, it also claims to last through showering. I have used it a couple of times already and I have been dry as ever! You need two 'clicks' per arm and it works perfectly all through the day and night with no need to reapply! It is a creamy texture but it dries quickly and smells pleasant, I really have no complaints! Yes it is pricey (around $15 at priceline) but I have to no regrets buying it, the only thing I regret is the amount of times I walked past this deodorant and wasted money on yet another cheap brand that didn't work for me.

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Scray Scray


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Best protection

This stuff provides amazing protection - no matter which sent you buy. I found extra dry to be a bit disappointing. The annoyance I have, is that they collect debris inside of the holes which the products come out of, and no matter what I do, the product will dry up and come out all hard and bally and need to be cleaned. I wish there was a way around this! The formula feels a bit grainy sometimes (probably due to it dryng) and stains dark clothes easily (white streaks). But it still gets 3 stars for amazing protection. No odor!

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My absolute favourite deodorant! This deodorant lasts all day and even hugely minimises my sweating at the gym sessions. I sweat quite heavily and was struggling to find a deodorant that actually stopped me from sweating during the day in class, etc. This was the solution! It smells amazing and glides on smoothly. I do have one problem - the packaging isn't great. Sometimes the deodorant doesn't come out and I have to hit it against the table for it to come out.

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Best deodorant I have every used

Honestly I never personally believed that I had huge odours with sweating or body odour. I never stayed loyal to brands I just got what was cheapest at the supermarket.
That is until I found this beauty. A little bit more expensive then some brands however I find it is completely worth it.
I've tried two scents now and each one has been a soft fresh feminine scent that hasn't really worn off through the day. It's refreshing to still smell amazing after a long day at work. I apply this twice a day after my shower and in the morning. I always smell amazing and stay dry and will most likely never change again. Brilliant!

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It hasn't wowed me

I don't know if I'm not applying enough but I find that applying it at night doesn't make this last. I have to apply it in the morning to get results. Also, the product doesn't go a long way, I find I use it up pretty quickly. Saying this though, it is the best on the market that I have found so far.

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Keeps me dry most days

I am quite a heavy perspire and this product is pretty good but not the best. Some days I feel a little bit of dampness so for $10~ I could get the same strength from other deodorants like Mitchum. I have it in the purple fragrance collection and it smells amazing!

It comes out as a cream and dries completely upon application, you click/wind it up 2 clicks per underarm and it should be good. I use it 2/3 times a week and it has lasted 2 months which is pretty good.

Overall this deodorant smells divine, I love the scent so much but am less impressed with how well it works especially for the price. I would still recommend it to those who are heavy sweat-ers as it works decently most the time!

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Thank you!

First of all! THANK YOU BH, as without these reviews I would never had looked at this product. I have found that I have been battling the odour and sweat for a while now. I do the whole chop and change deodorants finding that they are great until a week later when they stop working. With this one its NOT THE CASE. Still working, no more odour, no more being worried of waving my arms around. Packaging is different, but it works, Yes it is pricey but again IT WORKS. I would pay $30 for a deodorant that gave guaranteed results.

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I, like many others have tried so many different variants of deodorants that claim to stop sweating. I found after just the first use that it stopped my sweating, which was absolutely fantastic as I'd just started a new job where I was wearing lots of short sleeved shirts.
I think I used almost one stick, but it started to give me an itchy rash under my arms. This was easily fixed, with some bepanthen, so I think it dried out my armpits a bit too well!
Having said that, I've gone back to normal deodorant and I have had minimal sweating.
Would I use it again, even if I got another rash? Heck yes!

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