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Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

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Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant combines clinical strength wetness and odour protection with skin caring ingredients and body-responsive technology to combat excessive sweating and deodorant stains. With one quarter moisturising cream, it will pamper and nourish dry skin, whilst providing 48-hour protection even after showering. It features a soft fragrance of cucumber and green tea. Dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.
To use, apply at night.


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It Works!!

Love this product!! It even helps when i have been for a long run to keep me dry! A breakthrough in anti-perspirant!! I was amazed when i started using this and have since put several of my friends onto it as well!! Amazing product and although not cheap as far as deodorants go, it lasts a long time, i find 1 click is enough instead of the 2 recommended clicks!

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I didn't think I could love deodorant!

Amazing product! Seriously!

I read so many rave reviews of this product, and was like "But it's just a deodorant?". Certainly lives up to the hype. Works like a charm - strange getting used to applying your deodorant at night, but it gives great protection from stains and sweat all day long.

It's a creamy consistency with great moisturising powers - again, something I didn't think I'd notice in a deodorant. I certainly recommend getting out and trying this. I really don't think I'll ever go back!

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Original Clean Clinical Protection Works - Underarm Wet Patches A Thing Of The Past

Dove Clinical Protection Anti Perspirant Deoderant 45ml in Original Clean comes boxed with a product leaflet.
The deoderant comes in a white chunky plastic wind up container with dispenser holes on top which are foil sealed. It has a rounded plastic push on lid.
The deoderant is formulated with 1/4 Moisturising Cream and gives 48 hour clinical strength wetness and odour protection which is extra effective.
Dove Clinical Protection is best used before going to bed, while resting it acclimates to the body forming a deep level of protection. This does not mean to say it cannot be applied in the morning.
To dispense the deoderant cream, turn the wind up dial clockwise until the deoderant appears.
The amount of 2 clicks for each underarm.
The deoderant is white, the consistency is thick and the texture is smooth and creamy.
It feels cool and refreshing on skin, kind of silky, there is no sticky feeling at all.
The fragrance of Original Clean is nice, it's a light and uncomplicated powder soft, clean and refreshing aroma.
I think it's ideal for men and women.
Both my partner and myself use the deoderant.
My partner is blown away by how the deoderant stops wet patches in there tracks.
He used to come home from work with underarm wet patches on his shirt, since using the Dove Clinical Protection Anti Perspirant Deoderant the wet patches have stopped.
It's a confidence booster for him as it nips awkward moments in the bud with wet patches, he deals directly with many people through out his busy working day.
It is also excellent in keeping BO at bay, absolutely excellent.
This may have been designed for women according to leaflet info, but from the first experience of using the deoderant in the variety Fresh Touch months ago, my partner wanted me to purchase this product for him as his regular deoderant.

Made in The Philippines.

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Great Product

After years of dealing with deodorants that dont work, I found this Dove Clinical Strength Anti-perspirant. It smells great, fresh and not at all strong just a light fragrance of cucumber and green tea. I use this at night just like it says on the instructions, by morning the fragrance is still there and kept sweat away and lasted all that day. Its easy to use just twist the bottom of the container twice and apply to dry skin. Let it dry before you put on your shirt or it will leave a waxy feel under your arms all day. Overall I was definately inpressed and I will keep using this product for years to come, even though its a bit expensive.

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Finally after years of using a deodorant anti-perspirant twice daily, I have found a product that I only have to use once and its so easy to use!!
I have the cucumber and green tea scent. It has a very light sweet scent but not over powering so you can use perfume. It comes in a wind up roll on that has a see-through tube so you can see when you are near to empty. I am on to my second tube and love it! I paid $14.95 at Coles.

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Better than expected

I bought this after my old deodorant ran out and was looking for a product that would still leave you feeling sweat-free and fresh even after a long day. This product certainly did live up to its promises! I like the look of the tube and the smell is not too overpowering like other brands. You apply at night before going to bed and its super easy to apply. The product comes in a cream-like form and absorbs straight into the skin. The fresh feeling lasts all day and I definitely feel like I am sweating less.This is a bit more expensive than other deodorants but I think it is definitely worth it.

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For someone who does sweat especially during summer, this is the best product i have found! While others wear off during the day, Dove stays on the whole day ensuring that i dont have to worry about me sweating!

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Smells Great, Feels Velvety & Gentle On Underarm Skin

Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deoderant 45ml comes boxed with a product leaflet.
The deoderant comes in an oval translucent hard plastic container with a pull off lid.
It has an assortment of holes on top which are foil sealed and a twist dial that forms the base of the container.
Turn base dial clockwise to dispense the cream deoderant out of the holes.
The deoderant is clinical strength wetness protection with 1/4 Moisturizing Cream.
The deoderant cream in Fresh Touch is a cucumber & green tea scent that gives 48 hour anti-perspirant protection, it's a soft and fresh fragrance.
The deoderant to be applied to underarms prior to going to bed. Overnight, the formula acclimates to the body giving a level of protection that lasts throughout the following day, even after a shower.
The cream deoderant feels soft on skin, the texture nice and velvety.
The formula gentle on skin even after hair removal, no irritation or red rash.
I like the deoderant, it's a different form of application, other than roll or spray on deoderants.
It absorbs into skin as well as creates a barrier film, no sticky or wet feel.
It does a great job and weaves it's magic during the night. It's a deoderant that works, it keeps going and going, fighting BO and keeping me fresh.
The deoderant can also be applied in the mornings, mind you I still do this, old habits are hard to break.
I received Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deoderant as part of the massive BH, BIB prize pack.
Thank you Beauty Heaven.

Manufacture date on product.

Made in Philippines

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Very Impressive

I was on the lookout for a new deodorant due to running out of my current one when I purchased this best in beauty deodorant.

I think this deodorant is amazing; it comes in a roll on formula with a twist bottom in which you click once or twice to disperse the amount up to the top. It applies through holes in the top which are each separated on the applicator.
The lotion is very creamy but I find it applies very soft and smooth to my underarms; my underarms feel alot softer than before.
I apply this after my shower at night and it lasts 24 hours or so. I don't sweat at all during the next day and i am left very soft and smooth- it doesn't irritate my sensitive under-ams or give me ingrowns like alot of other products.
It gives great protection and leaves me very soft and smooth; I love the smell too its very light and soft- a very feminine fragrance.
I am sold on this deodorant because not only does it give me great protection, decreases sweating- im left with very soft smooth under-ams.... and nil irritation. I'm sold!

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Best Deoderant EVER!!! (Best in Beauty)

I am so thankful I go to trial this product earlier this year thanks to beautyheaven. I would never have thought to trial it myself as I'm no fan of roll on types.
This one however is very different to mainstream roll-ons. It's creamy and dries very quickly, and has a lovely clean fresh scent (like all normal dove products).
All I do is twist the bottom twice and roll on, and viola dry underarms are here to stay. I find that even on really hot days I barely perspire, I stay quite dry. Exercising isn't even a problem, where I used to work up a bit of a sweat I no longer do.
Since trialling this for beautyheaven and having such great results, my sister has now jumped on the bandwagon and become a dove clinical protection deoderant convert.
The best thing about this deoderant though is that is "no white marks". What could be better than an amazing deoderant that doesn't stain your clothes!!

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