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Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a “cult” skin resurfacing treatment, which uses a state of the art, low pH delivery system to effectively diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. The glycolic based formulation works like an “overnight facial” to brighten and revitalise tired, ageing skin, and radically improve the appearance of the complexion. For mature, sun damaged and prematurely ageing skin and for acne-scarring.


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I tried this for the first time last night. I was a bit scared at first, as I read reviews of people feeling a sting. Plus the company Alpha H warns the glycolic acid can sting, cause redness, etc. But it didn't sting at all & my skin didn't react negatively. I woke up with plump, softer, glowing skin, & a clearer complexion. My skin wasn't terrible to begin with, but I break out from hormones & I have small blemishes. I believe in a good topical face regime, & I am impressed with the Liquid Gold, the triple cleanser & balancing moisturizer. If this is how my skin looks after one use, I'm excited to see the results after continual use. I love the feel of my skin after washing with the triple cleanser. It feels so soft, I'm unsure if all the product is off. Then the balancing moisturizer is like silk on your face, & the liquid gold makes your skin glow & look so plump. All this after one use. You know it's good when you see results that fast. I'm loving it

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This is actual skincare gold!

This product by Alpha H is called Liquid Gold and it truly is worthy of its name. This product works like magic to reduce ache scars and minimise any imperfections. My skins positively glows after I use it.

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Love Liquid Gold

Im onto my second bottle of Liquid Gold,i love this product! Its not strong,very subtle,no overpowering smell as do a lot of products and very easy to apply. I noticed changes in my skin from week 1. I have very sensitive skin and I never felt any discomfort using at all.I use daily and will continue to do so.Absolutely love this product!

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Best in Beauty: Perfect refining for sensitive skin

I bought this product in the Beauty Heaven Beautorium, purely out of curiosity. I thought it was a good chance to buy something I didn't already have, and I certainly have nothing like Alpha-H Liquid Gold! It's a unique and effective exfoliant/skin refining treatment that surprisingly works well with my sensitive skin.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a water-like liquid. I use it 2 - 3 times a week in the evenings after cleansing. I soak a cotton pad and lightly stroke it over my face. Almost immediately my skin starts to prickle and tingle - at first I thought I was on my way to a hideous reaction to the product, but the tingling settles quickly, and although my skin becomes a little red, it calms down after a few minutes.

Alpha-H recommends that for better results, apply the Liquid Gold and omit your night serum and moisturiser, leaving your skin bare. I was a bit nervous about doing this, but my skin felt fine the next morning, not dry or tight at all. I don't do it every time as my serum and moisturiser have anti-aging benefits I'm keen to take advantage of as much as possible, but about once a week I use Liquid Gold and nothing else.

I don't see any "shazam!" fabulous results with Liquid Gold, but I do see a gradual refining of pores, and a reduction in the dry, flaky skin I used to get on my forehead and around my nose. With my sensitive skin, I prefer the gentle, gradual approach, and Alpha-H Liquid Gold is the perfect product for me.

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Best In Beauty 2013

Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a innovative product. I had never used anything like this before. I did go through a stage of using it every 2nd night but now use it 1-2 times a week.
It is packaged in a very attractive gold plastic bottle, that is capped. When the cap is removed there's a flip-top lid. The content is a runny, watery like substance. It is easiest to apply this by soaking a cotton ball in the liquid and then swiping gently over a cleansed face and neck.
When I first used this product my skin would tingle noticeably for a minute or so and then die down. Now I only get that reaction now and then.
I love that this amazing liquid gold removes the dead skin from my face without any harsh scrubbing. The Glycolic Acid does that job, cleaning out dead skin and pores.
I remember thinking that my face would feel extremely dry just using this, with it being just water and my face being super-dry...but I was surprisingly mistaken, when I wake in the morning my face feels quite hydrated still and it is definitely smoother and brighter.
So easy to use and worthy of 5 stars.

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Gold Nugget

Affectionately known as, 'Facial in a Bottle', this magical elixer contains 5% glycolic acid to smooth, refine and clarify in a single application. Liquorice extract brightens and firms dull, lack lustre skin, encouraging a more even skin tone. The secret lies in the low pH of the liquid, which allows rapid exfoliation of several layers of skin overnight. The results are quite apparent the following morning, with my complexion appearing healthier and carrying a subtle 'glow'. My skin feels plumper, firmer and incredibly smooth. The frustrating redness that my cheeks usually sport, is diminishing with each application, and my skin just seems to have more 'pep' since I've incorporated this little gem into my regime.

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best in beauty 2013 nomination

The alpha H liquid gold is a toning water that contain glycolic acid liquorice extract and silk proteins to help refine and firm the skin. Glycolic acid is known to loosen the dead skin cells and sloughing them off resulting in brighter and smoother skin.
From the first day since I started using this liquid gold I have been amazed by the skin looks brighter and shines with radiance. Whenever I feel that my skin is lacking lustre and has started to look grey pasty and dull I apply this on every alternate night on its own without any moisturiser on top to give me the full impact of the product.the next morning I am impressed to see my skin looking lively and love seeing the "pregnancy" glow I get.
Also love the fact that this product helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and acnemarks from my face.It fades them gradually.
On first use yes you do feel tingling but I love that feeling because I know that the product its working hard underneath my skin. I love the activity and energetic feeling.
It is advised that this product not to be used on sensitive and delicate skin and also use atleast SPF15 sunscreen in the morning before going out to help protect your skin from further damage.
The only con I can see with this product is the packaging. It comes in a bottle with a flip top cap and since the product its liquid sometimes I spill more than I require and also meant at times have seen the liquid leaking when accident my bottle topples in my cupboard. If only there was a stopper at the opening of the bottle to control the amount of liquid coming out. For reference if any of you have used SK 11 facial treatment essence it has a nice stopper which only allows the liquid to come out in drops.
Overall I love the effect of this does the job as it claims to refine and firm my skin. So if you are looking to get glittery skin for that special day I would seemingly recommend this product.

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Best in Beauty - Hello beautiful skin!

I read about this intriguing product on bh, and was lucky enough to score it via beautorium. The main attraction was the blurb about how you can see results from day one, and I'm delighted to report the advertising is ALL TRUE :-)

My face is 57 years old, and I’ve tried countless products that promised better looking skin, but I’ve had to wait anything up to 6 months before seeing any distinct improvements. However, the first time I used Liquid Gold, I was amazed at how my complexion looked the next morning - it was as if my skin had either been bathed in moonlight or coated in mother of pearl, and yet this is just a clear liquid with no illuminating particles that I can see.

I applied it with a cotton pad after cleansing and toning as usual. There was an ever so slight tingling sensation, more like a stimulation than anything else, but no stinging or irritation whatsoever. I waited till it touch-dried, and then added my serum & night cream as usual. Nothing further to report until morning, when the mirror reflected a complexion that looked brighter and more evenly toned!

For even better results, the pamphlet suggested not applying anything over the top – are you kidding? No serum, no moisturiser, at my age? Well it took me around 10 days to work up the courage to leave my skin bare, but I was rewarded overnight by my skin feeling the softest and most hydrated it’s been in a long while. I’m now doing this booster routine every week, and my skin has never looked or felt better. My wrinkles are less distinct and deep, I’ve experienced no more dry flakiness on my cheeks, and my complexion looks permanently pearly and smooth. There’s very little fragrance to speak of, and yet I so look forward to using it (every second night), knowing that I’ll look even better tomorrow.

I’m thinking I should apply this all over! This is one of the greatest beauty secrets I’ve ever discovered, and I will DEFINITELY be repurchasing :-)

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Shop A Everyday


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What a wonderful product! So light and easy to apply too! It is simple to use, simply wipe it over your face, much like toner. It is light, doesn't clog pores, and really makes your skin look better, smoother and less aged!!

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Pink Hornet


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Most Effective Skincare Product I have ever used

I have dry, thin, sensitive skin along with rosacea. I have used liquid gold before an operation and again after to lift the dry dead skin. The nurses commented on how good my skin looked.
I react to most resurfacing products like I am sunburnt, I have never had a negative reaction to liquid gold.
I have used as directed but also when in hospital or camping as my cleanser/toner too, followed by a moisturiser.
Awesome cannot rave enough about this or how glad I am to have found it.

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