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Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil

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A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil is certified organic and made from rosa canina seed extracts to deeply nourish and moisturise skin. Contains 80 per cent highly potent essential oils including omega 3, 6, and 9 to help fight the appearance of wrinkles and scars and increase skin suppleness and elasticity. Also contains pro vitamin A and vitamin E to create smoother, firmer skin. Can also be used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, rosacea and blemishes. Rapidly absorbed and can be applied directly onto all skin types.


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Great oil product for the face

I was really surprised by the deep orange colour of this Akin Rosehip oil which looked like yellow food dye and I could see the pigment upon my skin when I smoothed this oil across my skin. But the colour faded within seconds. No other rosehip oil that I have used has this strong colour and I would be frightened to get it on white in case it stains if not washed off right away.

The product has a lovely scent which I compare to rosehip tea which I have not smelt in this intensity with rosehip oils I have used in the past.

The oil spreads easily and is quickly absorbed by the skin and straight away you feel the hydration from this product. I usually use Rose-hip oil at night before moisturising and in the morning my skin feels softer than if I only used moisturiser. With prolonged use I have noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin blemishes heal faster since they are kept hydrated and overall my skin feels softer all day, not just after moisturising and this follows through with foundation, since there are no longer any dry patches my foundation looks smoother all day since it does not have dry skin to grab onto.
This has been a great addition to the bathroom and I will certainly be purchasing rose-hip oil again, though I don’t see too much of a difference between different brands of rose-hip oil for the overall long term feeling though the smell of this one is more pleasant than the others, as I mentioned before it reminds me of rosehip tea.

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It came out orange and smelled like tea (which I liked, because most rose hip has the same scent), it's pretty concentrated so only a few drops were needed and then I pressed them onto my skin.
My skin is feeling very soft, and hydrated. It worked just as it said it did! However, I didn't see how this product was better than Sukin or Kosmea. It was good, but I think they all work very well, so I guess it's down to budget.
I did really enjoy the scent and the fast absorbing qualities and if I had to sell this product above it's competitors, then that is what I'd say.
I did use this product in conjunction with the cleanser and the moisturiser, and I think the combination of the three really make the difference. The oil alone would be effective, but the set make your skin so hydrated and supple!

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Concentrated stuff

I have dry skin and I often use rosehip oil as a moisturiser on my face before applying makeup in the morning.

This one I've found is very concentrated. It comes out a very bright orange colour and rubs into the skin easily with no residue or sheen at all. There is a strong scent at first yet when it is on your skin it is very faint, sort of reminds me of jasmine tea, I suppose.

Great for hydration for the skin, a great base for makeup application. A little goes a long way, only ever use two drops for my face so I highly recommend trying this one!

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This One Is Effective On Me!

I've tried a few different rosehip oils and I didn't really find much of a noticeable difference with my skin but this one I did! It actually had an effect on my skin! I was pretty surprised about this because I have oily combination, pimple prone ageing skin and I generally don't need extra oils on my face but this one seemed to sink in really well and deeply hydrate around my dryer areas like my eyes and cheeks. I smoothed it mostly around these areas and then lightly wiped a lesser amount on my T Zone because, you know, it's already pretty oily there!

By morning I found my skin felt super soft! I was stoked about this because I didn't even use any night moisturiser on after this Akin Rosehip Oil - I just used the Rosehip oil as a multipurpose product as I thought putting a moisturiser on over the top would definitely be too much. I think I got it right!

This oil is a deep bright orange colour which smells unusual for a face care product - a little savoury/spicy scented but that's okay - if it works to beautify my skin the way it did I don't mind it's unusual and very natural scent.

I will be buying this now that I've tried a sample! Only a little tiny bit was needed to apply - I wouldn't advise smothering too much of this potent stuff on - especially if you have oily/combination skin like mine.

My sister has raved about rosehip oil for years but it never really seemed to do much for me before - but now I've tried this brand (and I'm quite surprised!) I will definitely look more into other A'kin Rosehip products. I suppose some brands suit certain types of skin more than others! This one is great for me.

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My number one rosehip oil!

I cannot recommend this product highly enough! I have literally tried all of the rosehip oils on offer in Aussie stores and this one takes the cake! First off, the scent is 100 times better than other rosehip oils (some have a strange lingering fishy smell) and it is very pleasant on the skin!

I have the most crazy combination skin in the extremes and it literally changes every week. I find that his product is the most useful underneath my moisturiser and I use it on areas where it needs more moisture and where upcoming wrinkles are forming (e.g. around my smile areas near the eye). I also use it on my forehead where I have some sun pigmentation spots from burning myself too much in my teens/early 20s! My skin looks so much better every time I use it and I literally have so many compliments on my skin when I use it! I use this as a daytime serum and Jojoba oil as my night time serum. Even though I have combination skin, I will note that I never use it on areas where I have break outs such as my chin.

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Beauty Care Essential

I was disappointed with a higher priced well known Australian brand of rose hip oil so I came on here to find suggestions (as I usually do!) and this seemed to have the best reviews so of course I went out to buy it.
I liked it better than the previous one before even applying! The scent was more natural and earthy and the dripper bottle ot comes in is hygienic and very easy to use.
I didn't expect it to be such a yellowy color but that absorbs fast and is unnoticeable pretty much instantly. I use 3-4 drops on my face with every application and find that is the perfect amount for.me. I still use a moisturizerr after that is absorbed as the directions state to and find this routine has been working well for my oily/combination skin. I was so worried about break outs as this is an oil after all-no such problems!
My skin just feels softer and plumper than ever. Very affordable too and I love that it's natural. Will be using daily from now on. A little goes a long way so this bottle will last a few months :)

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great product

I have normal skin but some days it is a bit oilier than others. I find with using this oil before bed, the chances of oily skin is less the next day.
I really like the drop packaging and in a glass bottle, it looks fancy on my dressing table. The smell is stronger than other brands I have tried but that does not bother me.
It absorbs well and after a minute of massaging, there is no residue. It helps moisturise well and does give me a glow, but I think this is from the massaging.
It really is a lovely product.

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makeup newbie


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Just four drops

I bought this after reading a bunch of articles around how rose hip oil moisturises and does a range of things from correcting pigmentation and repairing fine lines. Initially I had to get used to the smell and I didn't expect the oil to be so yellow, but after I took five seconds to get over it, I did really appreciate how good it actually is. Always apply on freshly cleansed skin. Initially I started at 6 drops, then dropped to 3 but have found 4 is a good number of drops for me to cover my whole face and not look shiny. I still apply a light moisturiser after this and do it day and night, but now when I wake up in the morning, my face still looks nice and dewy.

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Having been disappointed by another popular and big name brand of rosehip oil on the market, I was somewhat reluctant to go down the rosehip oil route again, but succumbed to giving it another go and am so glad that I bought this A'kin branded option. It was on sale at Priceline at the time, so that was an added bonus. It has quite an earthy, woody scent, but I actually like that and prefer it so much more than the fish oil scent I have had to endure with that other popular brand of rosehip oil.
I have combination skin that has been breaking out quite a bit lately, whilst also being dry and flakey in other areas. This product was just what my skin needed. It hydrates without leaving my skin greasy or oily and leaves it looking so radiant and healthy. I think it has also helped with healing my acne blemishes and scarring.
I only use it at night after cleansing and prior to my moisturiser. Highly recommended for those with dry, sensitive and combination skin types.

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Moisturised but broke me out!

I really really wished this Rosehip Oil worked for my skin. I definitely saw a more even tone, plumper, hydrated skin in the morning after a few uses but then I also had big break outs around my cheek, chin areas which were painful! I hardly get break outs - only a few small bumps (1 or 2) at the time of the month but this product reacted with my skin badly. I read that my skin was 'purging' but I just couldnt wait it out so stopped immediately. Gave it to my boyfriend who had no issues and he loves it! RESPONSE FROM A'KIN: Rosehip oil is a highly moisturising skin care product due to its high
content in essential fatty acids and vitamins. While it suits most skins,
it can occasionally be too rich for younger or combination skins when
applied on the face. If you find that this is the case for you, you can try
and use a few drops on the neck, decolletage or the back of the hands which
are often dehydrated and will also greatly benefit from the oil without the
risk of a break out. A few drops on the hair tips makes also for a
wonderful serum. A happy boyfriend is of course another great use for the

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