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Marshmallow Sugar Crystal Body Scrub

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MOR Modern Apothecary Marshmallow Sugar Crystal Body Scrub is enriched with sugar crystals drenched in peach, soybean and macadamia oils that work to exfoliate the skin. Extracts of chamomile and fruit extracts of apricot and mango soothe and add nourishment. It is enriched with soothing oils of avocado, sunflower, ginger root and peach. The scrub is fragranced with notes of vanilla musk and jasmine flower as well as rose petals, white carnation and cotton candy that leaves the skin with a sweet, subtle scent. Suitable for all skin types.


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A winner for those who love MOR's Marshmallow scent

I bought this in their classic Marshmallow fragrance and it is my favourite body scrub. I don't often exfoliate because I'm lazy or too tired to bother but when I do - I pull out this delightful product.

It has quite a different texture to what I expected a body scrub to be. It's kind of like a melted lolly texture so it is very sticky therefore you don't get the awkward 'plop!' as a chunk of body scrub has fallen to your shower floor. It rinses off very easily and there are no oils left behind. I often use a moisturiser after using this product, not because it dries out my skin but because I want to keep the silky smooth feeling.

I'm in love with the smell and it is quite strong so it might not be everyone's favourite, but to be honest this is a great scrub and a total bargin for the price you pay.

Read the full review of Marshmallow Sugar Crystal Body Scrub by owlsparks.



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Heavenly scented skin smoother

For my money, MOR's Marshmallow fragrance is perfection so I had to try this product. I like to change my fragrances seasonally, but this one is an all-year-rounder. I use this scrub from the soles of my feet all the way up to my chin for exceptionally smooth, soft, gorgeously scented skin. Its generously sized tub makes it great value. My only minor criticism is that this scrub is a bit runny and it can be a little hard to scoop, so it would have been nice if MOR could have included a scoop with this product - but that wouldn't discourage me from buying it again.

Read the full review of Marshmallow Sugar Crystal Body Scrub by Lucrecia629.



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Everything about this product is just so pretty and luxurious. The pretty baby pink tub with gold details is on display near my bath because the packaging is so cute!

Every time I open the tub, I take a deep breath of it's beautiful fragrance, among the sweet marshmallow fragrance, I can also pick-up musk and fruity notes. It's such a fun, girly scent that just makes me happy!

I use it the shower and massage it into my skin in circular motions. The fine sugary particles exfoliate effectively without feeling too coarse or rough. As soon as I wash it off, my skin feels silky smooth, without any sticky residue. My skin is left smelling delicious for hours!

I can't wait to purchase the matching body lotion and fragrance so I can layer myself is this sensational scent!

Read the full review of Marshmallow Sugar Crystal Body Scrub by MsThisnthatblog.



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sweet luxury in a stunning jar

I really do love this body scrub. The packaging is just stunning, it comes in this big beautiful pink jar with a gold top and gold MOR logo. And it smells really luxurious, sweet, musk, marshmallows. I find that once I apply it it turns warm? does that happen with anyone else? dont know what that means but it's nice. I use it in the shower about 2 times a week to exfoliate my body. It doesn't leave me skin dry either. It leaves my skin feeling smooth, nourished and clean. I really do like this scrub, it has very fine sugar crystals which is perfect for exfoliation. I love how it looks, and display it openly in my bathroom :) xx

Read the full review of Marshmallow Sugar Crystal Body Scrub by okcarmen.



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Dreamy, delicious, feminine scrub

As an impulse buyer, I findmyself frequently disappointed by my purchases. Usually, I giddily buy the product, excitedly try it out in my bathroom, and then I wait anxiously for the results. Then, I wait some more for a miracle. Then the realisation that some pretty packaging and slick advertised made a sucker of me (again!).

However this time, something amazing happened. I had my glorious purchase thrill, the first test excitement, and then, a continuing "this product is amazing" high.

The scrub that initially drew me in with it's beautiful, girly packaging and candy land scent actually followed through and delivered. Not only does it buff away my rough little patches (even on my heels), it does so without scratching my skin. It also moisturises and you can feel the oils in the scrub nourish your skin. Double points for thezsweet lingering scent.

I look foward to bath time even more now!

Read the full review of Marshmallow Sugar Crystal Body Scrub by ladybee.



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my favourite scrub

i love all these products so much, i want to eat half of them and this flavour is the number one on the list! it is abrasive enough that you can feel it work but is not harsh on the skin, it is a little oily which is good because it is moisturising

Read the full review of Marshmallow Sugar Crystal Body Scrub by Robynl19.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Total Luxury

Use generously - this is the best smelling body scrub I have ever used. Team it afterwards with the Marshmallow body cream and you'll be in heaven!

Read the full review of Marshmallow Sugar Crystal Body Scrub by Lokydoc.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

One of Mor's best Body Scrubs!

Beautiful sweet smelling body scrub thats fun and makes you smell and feel young again. Although it is called Marshmallow it's scent takes me back to musk sticks so you smell good enough to eat after you have used it!

Read the full review of Marshmallow Sugar Crystal Body Scrub by Buzzinbee76.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Best sugar body scrub since their Honey Sugar cane one

This is the sweetest by far of the Mor sugar body scrubs. Leaves me skin gloriously smooth and smelling so 'edible'!! Great on my whole body including hands and feet. Leaves the bathroom smelling beautiful as well!

Read the full review of Marshmallow Sugar Crystal Body Scrub by kerrie.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

cleans skin and enriches with a lovely fragrance

spruce up tired skin with daily treatment with this lovely scented scrub.

Read the full review of Marshmallow Sugar Crystal Body Scrub by Gemma13.

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