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Coconut Body Butter Shower Scrub

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Palmolive Coconut Body Butter Shower Scrub is an indulgent, gentle exfoliating body wash designed to scrub away old skin and care for new skin. Suitable for all skin types, it is gentle enough to use every day and contains coconut and jojoba butter extracts. It helps to retain the natural moisture of skin and leaves it soft and supple.
To use, apply to exfoliating shower puff, brush or glove and rub gently on body in circular motions.


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a holiday in a bottle

wonderful product for the shower
combined with a loofah and you have a coconut infused scrub and wash all in one

Read the full review of Coconut Body Butter Shower Scrub by Snyman.



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sensual on the skin

Rubbing this on I could feel this product exfoliating my skin wiyh a beautiful scent of coconut.

Read the full review of Coconut Body Butter Shower Scrub by penny403.



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Great Light exfoliant for your body!

This product is just absolutely lovely! I usually find the smell of coconut to overpowering but this was very nice, as the smell was very light and soothing.
The beads throughout the wash were not harsh on my skin, but still exfoliated my skin resulting in it feeling very smooth! I also loved that it moisturised my body while still exfoliating as well, so it didn't feel dry afterwards. It has a very thick consistency so you do not need to use a lot each use.

Read the full review of Coconut Body Butter Shower Scrub by bh'sNatalieR.



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Gentle enough for everyday

I use this scrub every night in the shower, to scrub the day away. This is super gentle, gentle enough to use everyday as it doesn't irritate my skin at all. And wow the smell of this is so delectable, if I could eat this I would!
I would not recommend this product if you were after an abrasive scrub as I don't think is grainy enough. For instance I do not use this scrub if I am exfoliating before applying fake tan, I use one that is more abrasive. But will use this scrub there after as my tan wears off as it is nice and gentle.

Read the full review of Coconut Body Butter Shower Scrub by Cherie751.

Princess Pum...


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Lovely Body Scrub

Gorgeous scent, and the exfoliation beads are lovely, not too grainy or scratchy on my skin, like others can be.
I found this to be very moisturising for my skin, and the scent lasts for a while after the shower too, which is nice.
Very affordable everyday indulgence!

Read the full review of Coconut Body Butter Shower Scrub by Princess Pumpkin .



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Smells nice but doesn't scrub

I love the smell of this body butter but i dont find it particulary moisturising. It also doesn't scrub very well but i i just bought it for the smell so it doesn't bother me but it might disappoint anybody looking to use it for more than a regular body wash.

Read the full review of Coconut Body Butter Shower Scrub by Cherrykisses13.



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a nice body butter scrub

I had the strawberry smoothie scrub and I throughly enjoyed that so I bought this coconut one to try. The scent is strong when in the shower but doesnt linger on the body afterwards. It forms a nice lather and it scrubs the body nicely. I mainly concentrate it on my knees and elbows. It leaves my body feeling nourished and clean. After my bottle runs out, I wouldnt be repurchasing as I have a few body washes I need to use, but I would definitely repurchase this scrub in the future.

Read the full review of Coconut Body Butter Shower Scrub by Jasmen111.



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I quite like this product, it smells really nice and the exfoliating beads are just the right texture for body exfoliation. It's gentle enough for everyday use, though I don't use it everyday, but most days I do. You can really feel it exfoliating all your dead skin cells away. And it leaves a sweet subtle coconut scent afterwards. And it's so well priced as well! I love this body butter scrub :)

Read the full review of Coconut Body Butter Shower Scrub by okcarmen.



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Not that coconutty or scrubby

The fragrance, though lovely, seemed more floral to me than coconutty, which was a shame as I primarily purchased it for the coconut fragrance!

The product itself however, regardless of scent, is quite nice. Mousturising and cleansing, it produces a thick and luxurious lather with only a little product. I found the exfoliating particles to be too few and too gentle for a facial scrub let alone a body scrub, which was also disappointing.

Read the full review of Coconut Body Butter Shower Scrub by Blossy77.



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Nice product

Bought this and the palmolive vanilla body wash at the same time. This body wash had a beautiful scent the same as the vanilla did. I found the vanilla to be more moisturizing, however the slight exfoliation of this body wash left my body feeling refreshed and glowing. Would recommend the heavier vanilla wash for winter and this one for summer due to its exfoliation and tropical coconut scent!

Read the full review of Coconut Body Butter Shower Scrub by Amber382.

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