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Body Butter Coconut Scrub

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Designed for daily use, Palmolive Body Butter Coconut Scrub renews your skin’s surface for beautifully radiant skin. This ultra creamy formula gently exfoliates, while helping retain your natural moisture to reveal soft, supple skin.


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Great smell and exfoliant

Love love love the smell of this body wash! I feel like I am effectively scrubbing away dead skin cells and the creamy formula leaves my skin moisturised. Reasonably priced and the cheapest exfoliating body scrub I've found.

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affordable everyday indulgence

This is a very gentle nourishing body scrub with a texture betweel shower cream and body scrub. It is not too runny or not to thick which makes it very easy to spread. I love the gorgeous scent which makes showertime a treat and my washroom smells nice after using it too! It leaves my skin soft and smooth and very receptive to body lotion. It is easier to use than conventional body scrubs which are thick and you get them in jars and lose their effectiveness if accidentally water goes inside them. This one has the iconic user friendly palmolive packaging and can be used when skin is wet which makes it very convenient as with other scrubs they have to be used dry and I remember to use a scrub halfway through my shower anyway so this is the answer to all my scrub problems and you get quite a bit for $6.95

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Beautiful, gentle body scrub

I have recently started using this body scrub and I am really loving it. It has a yummy scent, not especially coconutty but really nice. I only use a small amount on my loofah but still get a good lather, and I like the little exfoliating beads, they are gentle but still feel like they are working, especially on my dry spots. It is quite thick and feels like it is moisturising too.

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Smells yummy

This is a lovely body wash, so creamy, lathers up well and leaves my skin feeling hydrated.
The smell is so nice, like creamy, sweet coconuts, it's like coconut ice cream!
I only need a pea sized amount in my loofah and it's more than enough for the entire body.
My skin doesn't feel stripped or dry afterwards.
The only confusing part is the fact that this is meant to be a scrub. The beads are too small and too few to actually scrub my skin, so it just works well as a body wash.
Also, because the product is quite thick, it takes a little longer to squeeze it out, but that's not really an issue.
This is a lovely smelling body wash that really calms and soothes me. Will definitely repurchase!

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a holiday in a bottle

wonderful product for the shower
combined with a loofah and you have a coconut infused scrub and wash all in one

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sensual on the skin

Rubbing this on I could feel this product exfoliating my skin wiyh a beautiful scent of coconut.

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Great Light exfoliant for your body!

This product is just absolutely lovely! I usually find the smell of coconut to overpowering but this was very nice, as the smell was very light and soothing.
The beads throughout the wash were not harsh on my skin, but still exfoliated my skin resulting in it feeling very smooth! I also loved that it moisturised my body while still exfoliating as well, so it didn't feel dry afterwards. It has a very thick consistency so you do not need to use a lot each use.

Read the full review of Body Butter Coconut Scrub by bh'sNatalieR.



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Gentle enough for everyday

I use this scrub every night in the shower, to scrub the day away. This is super gentle, gentle enough to use everyday as it doesn't irritate my skin at all. And wow the smell of this is so delectable, if I could eat this I would!
I would not recommend this product if you were after an abrasive scrub as I don't think is grainy enough. For instance I do not use this scrub if I am exfoliating before applying fake tan, I use one that is more abrasive. But will use this scrub there after as my tan wears off as it is nice and gentle.

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Lovely Body Scrub

Gorgeous scent, and the exfoliation beads are lovely, not too grainy or scratchy on my skin, like others can be.
I found this to be very moisturising for my skin, and the scent lasts for a while after the shower too, which is nice.
Very affordable everyday indulgence!

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Smells nice but doesn't scrub

I love the smell of this body butter but i dont find it particulary moisturising. It also doesn't scrub very well but i i just bought it for the smell so it doesn't bother me but it might disappoint anybody looking to use it for more than a regular body wash.

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