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the best body moisturiser...

This is the best body lotion that I've ever tried....makes my skin soft and looking healthy...non greasy or heavy feeling on your skin...so light yet moisturising..and it's totally a plus that this is made with natural ingredients...;)

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xo misseja


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Fantastic hydration

Great product, moistrises deeply and leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and visibly smoother! Even a small bottle lasts many months

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"the only" best moisturiser for dry skin

My skin had been dry and chaffing around my mouth region, to a point that I hated going outside or showing my face to anyone, no matter what I applied after a few hours the skin peeling off would show. I used to apply a well known rosehip oil during day time and that did not help. I got my beauty box subscription one day and found this aveeno trial size lotion. After reading what it was meant for, I tried it on my skin, and I can't thank enough, this has made my skin supple and soft again, no more chaffing, no more dryness. I am in love with this product and I would recommend it to all my friends.

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free sample reveiw

I used this today, it left my face oily and sticky, i thought id leave it for a while see if it soaked in... 3 hours later i have pimples and oily skin. NO THANK YOU ! will not even finish the sample. RESPONSE FROM AVEENO: You may be assured that Aveeno values the comments you have made regarding products in our range, especially as such feedback provides us with an opportunity to better understand what consumers think about our products.

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Lovely, rich cream

This cream feels amazing for dry skin, I only had a trial version of it but fell in love with the richness of it. Made my skin feel smooth and soft, but absorbed fast and non-greasy. I find in summer it may not be as good in humid climates due to the thickness, but it's perfect for dry skin especially in winter. I am definitely going to buy some more!

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Perfect Daily All Over Moisturiser

I love this product and use it regularly, especially in winter when my skin is extra dry. It has a creamy texture and barely any scent which makes it perfect to spread all over. Aveeno absorbs into my skin quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Even when skin is irritated this moisturiser works as it's such a gentle formula.

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Great moisturiser

This moisturiser has a nice creamy texture, but it absorbs really quickly, leaving my skin soft and smooth. It really helps with the winter dryness, and my hands are much smoother and less chapped than previous winters.
The only problem I would have with it is that it specifies "fragrance free", which technically might be correct, however it does have a smell that may bother people who are sensitive to fragrances and are looking for something truly fragrance free.

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I recently purchased this product when it was on sale and I have to say that it is the one of the best one I have used do far for dry skin daily moisturiser. At first use there would be fine lines still but it slowly deceases. And it has a nice smell not strong though. But I'm sure there are other better ones.

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Oneof the Must have products in winter

I have used AVEENO daily Moisturizing Lotion for some days and really feel my skin have been improved. I got this product on right time - winter. My skin was a bit dry. Now, with this cream put on daily, it becomes smooth. Also, I like it because it is natural. It is fragrance free and no chemicall addition.

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thick and smooth

The Aveeno daily moisturiser is quite thick.
It is also lovely and smooth and silky in feel.
I like this moisturiser as an all rounder. I don't really detect any scent. Applied frequently this moisturiser does a good job of keeping skin soft and free of dry spots. It absorbs reasonably fast, though i do prefer it on the body than on the hands.
Despite being quite thick I don't feel its enough for my hands when they are going through a dry patch.
It's easily accessible from many places and often on special. A great product for the price and ingredients.

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