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Li Long747


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Smooth and soft

I have dry skin and I find this helps, I have been using this for awhile now. its keeps my skin nourish and feeling soft. It doesn't have a strong smell its a light smell. A 354mL would last me for a couple of months which is worth the value.

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Intensive Moisturising Lotion

Love this product - it's a miracle worker for dry skin. I use this to moisturise my body and it just sinks in wonderfully and quickly absorbs into my skin. The moisturising effect lasts for two to three days. This has also had a surprising albeit excellent effect on my sister who used to have "chicken skin" on her arms but after using this product...the stubborn bumps have completely disappeared! It's also really affordable and doesn't have a scent. This is a definite repurchase.

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Bye bye dry skin

Aveeno products are definitely my favourite!
I love this moisturiser, I feel that it works instantly and it absorbs straight away! I use this moisturiser specifically for my legs and arms, my elbows and knees tend to dry out the most but after using this moisturiser they feel supple and soft again throughout the day!
The price tag may turn people away as the bottle isn't huge! However, you won't be disappointed using this moisturiser!! Especially if your skin is quenching a little thirst!

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Smooth away your cares and woes

I swim and exercise almost daily in a heated pool for medical reasons, but found that my skin was really suffering with daily exposure to pool chemicals. I read one of BHs articles on this product and thought it was worth a try.
After a few days I could feel a difference in my skin. it wasn't tight and dry and certainly not that flaky texture. My skins feels fresher and looks younger. Thank you Aveeno

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Best moisturiser on the market

I am obsessed with this moisturiser! Great product, so absorbant and it has done miracles for my dry skin! it's so smooth and moisturising if I accidentally skip a day I still have smooth legs. It's my holy grail moisturiser, I received a sample in a beauty subscription box and haven't looked back. It's perfect for my skin and everyone in my family has purchased it as well! It's super moisturising and perfect for everyday use as it is really absorbant and truly works!

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Millie Fruend


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i really enjoy this product

the reasons I enjoy this product is because especially in winter my skin can get quit dry and rough but this product can really help your skin to be feeling soft and silky. I don't really notice the smell to much it can be a very faint smell but nice and simple.

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Great for sensitive skin

Since I have eczema and really dry skin I was looking for a good lotion that would help moisturise my skin without irritating my skin and this was great! It is a bit thick but it has a nice, creamy texture and you do not have to use much. It did have bit of an oatmeal smell but it did not bother me. It didn't absorb that quickly but it left my skin feeling hydrated.

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Great for Winter Skin

This moisturiser is perfect for winter, when trying to battle the dreaded dry and flaky skin! I prefer to use Aveeno on my body, and save other products for my face- as I find this slightly to greasy for my face.

Aveno is a thick, luxurious moisturiser, which I tend to use after bathing to re-hydrate my skin. The lotion does take awhile to absorb fully into the skin- but the end results are well worth the wait!

The packaging of this moisturiser is prety standard/plain- nothing too exciting for me, in fact I am sure that I would have tried the product much earlier had the packaging been more pretty! The pump action bottle is great for hands covered in slippery moisturiser though!

The moisturiser itself smells fantastic (very light fragrance), and is not to overbearing. It hydrates extremely well, without too much of an oily/greasy feel afterwards!

I found that my skin was left nourished, hydrated and more evenly toned after using Aveeno on my body over a number of weeks.

The best part of Aveeno is that it will not break the bank.. despite being such a high quality product! I have found reasonably easy to find in the shops as well- so no hunting it down either!

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It's OK

I found this moisturiser to be thick and heavy on the skin. And it does take a little while for the skin to absorb the lotion.
It does however have a distinctive smell of oatmeal which is quite pleasant and it is probably the 'oat' in the product that does give the skin a calming feeling though the heavy feeling of the moisturiser does outweigh the benefits.
I don't think this is a moisturiser I would ever try again.

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Grace 861


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Super moisturising and lasts all day

I have normal to slightly dry skin and I slather this on as soon as I dry off after the shower. Doesn't have a scent and absorbs quickly, leaving my skin beautifully soft the entire day. I wouldn't recommend this for facial use as it leaves a slightly waxy/greasy residue.

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