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Love it

Lovely thick cream, doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy. Leaves skin feeling fresh and soft. Smells great too.

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Arty Girl


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Extremely rich and nourishing !!!

I purchased a 250ml bottle of Nivea's Rich Nourishing Body Lotion when I was on holiday and realised when I came to write this review, that it was previously known as Nivea's Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser. No wonder there is a label on the bottle stating "New Design/Same Formula".

Apart from a difference in the shape of the bottle with its flip top lid, Nivea uses the same shade of blue and plastic as the "old" designed bottle.

The product itself is a thick white creamy lotion containing "Hydra IQ", almond oil and smells heavenly. It is indeed rich and moisturising because it leaves a light sheen of fragrant oil on the skin once the lotion has been spread and absorbed.

I bought this product after I realised that I had not packed enough body lotion to last me my entire holiday when my skin began feeling dry. It was on sale at Woolworths and just cost $5.40 which was extremely reasonable.

The only error that I made was that this product was too rich and thick for the time of year in which I bought it, i.e. April. The climate was warming up, the further North we travelled and trying to use this lotion in Exmouth (where it was humid and hot) was totally out of the question. It left an extremely oily film on the skin which felt "tacky". In these circumstances, I should have purchased the much lighter version of body lotion, containing Sea Minerals, which would have been perfect.

Now that I have returned to Perth and Winter is truly upon us, Nivea's Rich Nourishing Body Lotion does an excellent job of addressing the issues of skin dryness effectively.

I apply this lotion after a hot shower. It leaves my skin scented and feeling wonderfully soft and hydrated which lasts throughout the night. It is an excellent Winter use product, personally recommended and deserves a 5 Star Rating.

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I run out really quickly of the bottle

This body cream is really thick and it's good for dry skin.
I find I have to reapply though. I'm not sure if it's because it's not enough moisture for my skin or because it doesn't get absorbed into the skin.
My sorbolene by Redwin lasts much, much longer and it's more affordable considering I go through the bottle quite quickly in comparison.

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Thick and moisturising

I have been using Nivea for many years now, and I especially love this one because you can actually feel the cream being absorbed into your skin. This cream is heavenly, I use it all over my body after a shower and my body feels and smells great . My kids love it too and it really helps moisturise the skin in winter as it is of a rich and creamy texture.

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Takes forever to absorb

This was another one of my grab and go supermarket buys that never work for me.
I'm not a big fan of Nivea products but the are so often on sale that I keep trying them sure that I will find a great one.
The first thing I noticed was the typical Nivea scent which I don't like but can deal with but I found that this wasn't really very moisturising and it took forever to absorb into my skin and I would have to wait ages feeling sticky before I could dress.
Gave up after a few times and used up the rest on my feet.

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moisturising enough

I bought this when it was on special and had run out of my usual body butter as it is described as being for very dry skin which I do have. My initial traction was, wow, it looks very white when first applied but it actually soaked in really quickly. The smell is wonderful and took me right back to my childhood as my Mum used to cover me in this presumably thinking it was sunscreen! Unfortunately the scent didnt last on my skin for more than an hour which disappointed me a bit. It does however leave my skin feeling lovely and soft all day.

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Still not for me

I tried this Nivea moisturiser as it is very affordable and is said to be 'rich nourishing moisturiser' - for dry I thought HOORAY!!! a moisturiser for my super-dry skin..... BUT NO!!!
This s a thicker consistency than the other body lotions...but still not thick enough, it absorbs into my skin and still leaves it wanting also still has that "Nivea" scent - I really don't like it...

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Not a fan, sunscreen-like, strong scent

This body lotion looks and feels like sunscreen which I'm not a fan of. It is quite difficult to rub in and takes a while to absorb. The fragrance of the product is pleasant but is strong and tends to linger for a few minutes after application. In terms of moisturisation, the product moisturises well.

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Doesn't absorb into my skin.

I found this really greasy and oily feeling and don't feel that it really absorbs into the skin, but rather just sits on the surface and feels slimy especially if I sweat. I don't feel that it is at all nourishing to my skin and don't see any improvements or benefits from using this. The scent is refreshing and pleasant enough, but unfortunately that is the only thing I like about it.

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Originally bought this product for my son's eczema. It kept his condition at bay. But I loved the scent so much that I started using it. Softens skein beautifully. Especially feet , knees and elbows. I don't use any other body cream now

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