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really moisturising

Im a huge fan of Body Shop body butters and always stock up in the sales. I received the coconut one as a gift and while coconut isnt my favourite scent I didnt find it to be too overpowering, its smells like a really good suntan cream! As with all the body butters it is wonderfully rich and hydrating, especially good on my very dry legs!

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Heavenly but Costly

This product smells great on skin and it lasts ALL day. I love wearing coconut scent, but this body butter hydrates it at the same time. The body butter it not over-greasy or smell over-powering. I believe this coconut body butter is ideal for winter use, as coconut might not suit the summery weather and it might be a little oily when the temperature gets warmer.
I would say this is a great product to try to hydrate your skin, but the price is too high.

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Charlie B


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A classic The Body Shop product

When I think of The Body Shop, I think of this product. I remember using this through High School and Uni, which were both quite a few years ago now! I still love using it, even after all this time.

I love the smell of the product - the coconut really reminds me of Summer and beach holidays. The scent is strong enough that it lingers on the skin and you can smell it hours later.

The butter itself is of a great quality. It is a rich, moisturising cream that is perfect for dry skin or sun damaged skin.

I will always have a soft spot for this product.

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I think I'm in love!

First and foremost I've got to point out that I love anything and everything that may even vaguely resemble the smell of a coconut! The fragrance of this body butter is simply divine - a gorgeous, long lasting smell that isn't too weak or too overpowering, but just right.
The very smooth and creamy texture makes it super easy for the skin to absorb. It nourishes and moisturizes skin while giving it a bit of a healthy glow, which is especially perfect during those cold winter months where my skin can become very dry and irritable. It's also a very versatile product. I use it both on the body and the face as it works as a very good facial moisturizer.

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decent moisturiser

This does a good job in that it is really moisturizing, however, for the price you can probably get something just as good for much cheaper. I normally don't enjoy coconut scents as they tend to give me a headache which this one does not.

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My favourite body butter!

I have dry skin, especially in winter, so body butters work a treat in hydrating my thirsty skin. This one however, is my all-time favourite (and I've tried A LOT!)

The consistency is just right, not too thick or too runny, and a little bit goes a long way! My skin is always left feeling silky smooth. The authentic coconut scent is delicious, summery and lingers on the skin for ages. It's a perfect pick-me up in winter and compliments a summer day as well. It's also great for prolonging the life of a spraytan.

The packaging is classic The Body Shop: clean, simple and earthy brown like the rest of the coconut range. I love the tub because I can access the entire butter and I always shamelessly scrape out every last drop.

I always try to shop Fair Trade whenever I can, so I love the peace of mind that this body butter contains Community Fair Trade Virgin Coconut Oil from Samoa.

This luxurious body butter is worth every scent!

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Average compared to other Body butters

I had high expectations for this coconut body butter but It didnt live up to my expectations.This smells great but did not hydrate as well as the mango and strawberry body butters.I also felt it did not sink into my skin properly- it sat over it.The best thing is the smell but I wouldn't repurchase this . It is also too pricey.

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Great but not cheap

This is a great product. It is very multi purpose it is great for chaffing, chapped lips and dry skin. It has a very rich and nourishing texture and feels velvety on body. Like most body shop products it is not cheap, but I got mine free from a friend! It obviously smells like coconuts. This is a great product! Definetly recommend.

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I'm a big fan of the body shop, so when my sister got it for me as a gift, I was over the moon. It does its job well, and leaves my skin feeling squeaky soft! I try and use it wisely, because I know that its pricey, but still I can't help but lather it all over my hands.

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Miss Beauty ...


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Moisturises well into skin. It absorbs well. I apply this pretty generously to my skin. It doesn't cause irritations.

It smells so yummy. However I find it can be a bit sticky especially during the hot summer weather.

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