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QV Bath Oil revives the body and helps to restore skin’s natural suppleness and healthy glow. Whilst hydrating the skin, the oil works as a water dispersible formula over the whole body to ensure the clear non-greasy formula rejuvenates large areas of dry skin. Helps relieve symptoms of atopic eczema and psoriasis, and is suitable for use with dry dermatological conditions such dry, scaly skin, winter itch, ichthyosis, xerosis, dermatitis. The low-irritant formulation is free from fragrance, colour, lanolin and propylene glycol. Suitable for sensitive skin types, particularly infants and the elderly.

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Have been using this for my baby for a few months - very moisturising without being sticky.

Read the full review of QV Bath Oil by MB.



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Smooth a baby's !

I usually use Palmers oil but thought time for a change & WOW this is heaven in a bottle for super dry skin I actually used it instead of soap on a face cloth my skin has stopped cracking & not a sign of any irritation this gets the thumbs up as I did not like the QV wash but this is a winner.

Read the full review of QV Bath Oil by Miffny.



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Great for sensitive skin

I have eczema so when it flares up I find this product helps relieve flaky skin and keep my skin moisturised for healing. I like how this product is unscented ensuring no fragrances aggregate my skin. The bottle lasts ages and it helps me feel better about my skin.

Read the full review of QV Bath Oil by Beautybabe140194.



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My son has sensitive skin which can flair up and become dry and scabby, this bath oil is perfect to use in his baths it seems to soften his skin and leave it hydrated without irritating him at all.
After I started using this Bath Oil along with the QV moisturizer i havent had to use any steroid creams which is a huge relief

Read the full review of QV Bath Oil by Dannihazledine.

Samantha 337


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I absolutely love this, especially for my 19 month old girl. She suffers from eczema and this helps keep her skin moist and supple (along with only a short bath).

I find that there is no other product that I want to try when it comes to skin rashes/conditions as this is the most reliable one I have every tried. It works fast and gives great results.

Read the full review of QV Bath Oil by Samantha 337.



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baby safe

QV bath oil is the best thing for my kid, he has very dry skin and nothing works! Bath oil doesn't strip off his natural oil on his skin and his rash and dry skin improved tremendously.

Read the full review of QV Bath Oil by cosmoslyn.



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good product for my little baby bath

Since my baby was born, I started to use QV bath oil. I do not much know about this product until my hospital introduce to me when my baby has her first bath.
Well, to be honestly, if this product is safe for the baby as little as new born, i believed it is safe for adult too.
there is no fragrance and no irritate to her skin at all. After the bath, my baby skin still keep moisture but fresh as well.
very good product and within my budget. very happy to introduce this to the new mum

Read the full review of QV Bath Oil by kara490.



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Soap and irritant free

When you have sensitive skin you really need to watch everything you use on your skin. I like that I can relax in a bath and not worry about it causing my skin to flare up. It is so gentle but effective. It works on itchy irritated skin especially if your skin is very raw. Anything that is soap free works but I find that the oil is soo soothing. I really like that this can be used in the bath or shower. It does not smell bad it hardly smells. The oil leaves my skin super soft after dabbing dry my skin. It is so important to dab you rskin dry after bathing/showering. I really liked this bath oil it has saved my skin.

Read the full review of QV Bath Oil by Beautifulnightmarex.



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Qv is budget friendly but so amazingly effective for eczema

Silkyest skin iv ever gotten from a bath or shower wash...
Not at all greasy and h
Helps relieve my itchy skins and wind burn.
Would recommend to anyone with ezema .

Read the full review of QV Bath Oil by Retro-glam.



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Great product.

I first bought this when my children were little and one in particular suffered from eczema. I found it worked quite well and would often use it myself during winter months when my own skin felt a bit dry.

Read the full review of QV Bath Oil by imalittleteapot.

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